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Ned Newton fired two more electric bullets into the still writhing body of the boa.
It was the big boa that whipped itself around you, as you leaned over," explained Tom, as Ned came up to announce that the snake was no longer dangerous.
said Leonard, greeting that apparition with much spirit, and helping it off with its boa.
The Executive Board of Koninklijke Wessanen nv ("Wessanen") today announced that they expect to reach an agreement to acquire Boas bv, located in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.
Boas and teammates celebrated the goal that secured the Mexican soccer club's spot in South America's prestigious tournament, the Copa Libertadores, with a 1-0 win over Jaguares of Chiapas in the first of two InterLiga finals at The Home Depot Center.
Eddy helped stake Canoga Park (7-1, 3-0) to a 31-0 halftime lead with scoring passes of 9, 23 and 12 yards to Boas before hitting Jaime Martinez for a 25-yard score.
Mr Boas cowered in terror as the boy pulled the trigger but the weapon failed to go off.
The feathers that are most popular are marabou, the fluffy little stork feather that look like tufts of fur on necklines and peignoirs, and the stiffer turkey feathers used in dramatic boas.
If you like the look but can't afford Armani's $600 species, check out the look-alike ostrich-plume boas at Bebe at Topanga Plaza in Canoga Park and Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks.
She'd take her dress to the hairdresser to make sure the style complemented it, and she'd practice walking in those high heels and boas so she didn't look trashy.
In this particular case, it's easy to put blame on the snake as the ``bad guy,'' but he was just being a snake, doing what boas do.
As the BOA program matures, more and more communities are developing cooperative plans to guide future development," said NPCR executive director Jody Kass.