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BANBangladesh (South Asia)
BANBangor (Amtrak station code; Bangor, ME)
BANBadan Akreditasi Nasional (Indonesian: National Accreditation Board)
BANBody Area Network
BANBasel Action Network
BANBusiness Angel Network (various locations)
BANBanesto (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
BANBilling Account Number (telecommunications)
BANBond Anticipation Note
BANBritish Approved Name
BANBroadband Area Network
BANBank Account Number
BANBroadband Access Nodes
BANBlade Area Network
BANBilling Account Number
BANBorder Action Network
BANBasset Artésien Normand (French: Artesien Norman Basset; dog breed)
BANBrothers across Nigeria
BANBasic Access Network
BANBase Area Network
BANBoundary Access Node
BANBase Aéronautique Navale (French: Naval Air Base)
BANBuilding Area Network (telecommunications)
BANBachelor of Arts in Nursing
BANBasongo, Zaire (Airport Code)
BANBeacon Alliance of Neighbors (Seattle, WA)
BANBackup Area Network
BANBasement Area Network
BANBudget Allocation Notice (NASA)
BANBâtiment des Auxiliaires Nucléaires (French: Nuclear Auxiliary Building)
BANBenefit Access Number (Microsoft MSDN subscriptions)
BANBattlespace Area Network
BANBuccaneers Association of Nigeria
BANBéton Auto-Nivellant (French: Self-Leveling Concrete; construction industry)
BANBrothers Across the Nations
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