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BOHRBaseline Overall Heaveiness Rating
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The play shifts seamlessly from flashback to the posthumous present, then back again, as Bohr and Heisenberg seek each other out, and moment gives to dazzling moment.
Like particles interacting in a probability field, the three characters of this pristine chamber piece--Heisenberg, Bohr and his wife, Margrethe--re-enact the event over and over.
Bohr and Heisenberg gave conflicting accounts of the visit in later years, and Frayn's play imagines what might have happened had the two met for a final reckoning in some otherworldly sphere.
En ellos, Beller combina el estilo narrativo del historiador con un tono a ratos acidamente critico, fustigando el dogmatismo prepotente de Bohr y sus partidarios, ridiculizando la confusion reiterada de la consistencia de una teoria fisica con el caracter definitivo e inevitable de la misma y exponiendo sin eufemismos la inepcia matematica del gran fisico danes (5).
When seen in the Bohr model, one can understand energy levels of the electrons and their movements around the nucleus, whereas the quantum mechanical view of an atom helps understand the possible location of electrons in relation to the nucleus.
We will try to clarify this," co-author Jes JAaAaAeA rgensen, also from the Niels Bohr Institute, said the statement.
Through various divisions, BOHR also offers mortgage banking and marine financing.
The Bohr model (5) based on the quantum theory was obviously developed from the classical model during Bohr's visits (1912-13) to Rutherford's laboratory, the University of Manchester.
Heisenberg drew a sketch on a scrap of paper to show Bohr how far the German boffins had already got, to try to persuade him that he should join the winning side
el rispido encuentro de Bohr y Heisenberg en la capital danesa en septiembre de 1941.
German daily, Handelsblatt, has reported, citing the supervisory board, that the automaker is also adding Siemens' new CEO, Joe Kaeser, and Bernd Bohr, the former chief of automotive supplier Robert Bosch's car parts division, to its board.
Using the large international telescope, the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in northern Chile, an international research team led by Jes Jorgensen from the Niels Bohr Institute studied the star and its surroundings.