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The winner will receive a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world to four cocktail cities and have the opportunity to work in the best bars as a guest bartender and like Rusty will also travel around the world, representing Bols at the industry's most important trade shows.
The vanilla and spice drink is dangerously addictive, and I wonder why more of the artist's fine works hadn't ended up in the possession of Lucas Bols.
Authenticity is important as well--after purchasing Galliano, Bols returned it to the original recipe in the U.
In October, Bols launched an innovative new bottle that has shaken up the cocktail world.
A source at Bols said: "The cocktail really packs a punch - just like Harry.
Going to Amsterdam-based Bols, I tasted their Orange Curacao 30% and Blue Curacao 24%.
Weird, yes - but far from unheard of, indeed there are hundreds of reports of such balls of light (or BOLs as they are prosaically known in the literature), and this way of 'pouring in' through cracks and crannies has often been described by other witnesses.
Staying in is definitely the new going out, according to Bols, which is adding grenadine to its 18-strong liqueur range this October aimed at home mixologists.
FOOTBALLERS' wives-inspired cocktails could be perfect for pre-match parties, and Bols liqueur range has created a selection including Victoria Beckham's Golden Bols.
So if both North East sides grab victories, they will bols ter the other's standing against the Cornish outfits.
Nadari and the Lucas Bols crew are working hard to communicate genever's legacy and uniqueness to consumers via shelf-talkers, stack promos, neck hangers and sampling programs.
Bartenders drawn from 60 countries across the globe will be asked to create a cocktail recipe using Bols Genever, Bols liqueur, or both, for a chance to win a trip around the world to four cocktail cities of his or her choice over eight days.