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The southern end of the island fairly swarms with the Ho-lu, or apes; next above these are the Alus, who are slightly fewer in number than the Ho-lu; and again there are fewer Bolu than Alus, and fewer Sto-lu than Bo-lu.
We are friends, " he called in the tongue of Ahm, the Bolu, who had been held a prisoner at the fort; "permit us to pass in peace.
The child's great aunt Jumoke Otubanjo told Dublin City Coroner Court she was looking after Bolu at her home in Blanchardstown, Co Dublin, on the day she stopped breathing.
The incident occurred on TEM highway at the exit of Mount Bolu Tunnel at around 4 a.
Turkey hosted 27 million tourists in 2009," Gunay said while speaking at a festival in Mengen town of western province of Bolu.
Bolu is one of a number of really promising players in our Academy ranks and over the college holiday weeks, he's had the chance to train full-time.
Now she and her relatives face deportation and little Bolu must leave her new life behind.
Snowfall, which began on Mount Bolu on Wednesday afternoon, and heavy fog affected visibility on Mount Bolu section of the Ankara-Istanbul highway.
Traffic along the TEM highway and E5 road in the Bolu Mountain area was congested with long lines of vehicles.
Many vehicles were stranded at Istanbul-Ankara section of the Bolu Mountain Tunnel because of icy road and heavy snowfall.
The company later established facilities in north-western province of Bolu.