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Rabya brought down Bahra Cable 77-75 in Game 3 of their best-of-three series to clinch the Inter-Company Bonafide Division A championship crown in the OFBL 5th Conference at the Timeout Sports Academy gymnasium on Television Street, Ghulail District on the outskirts of Jeddah.
Constitution's 14th Amendment prohibits disparate legal treatment by governments of bonafide American citizens, but nowhere says non-citizens among us are in any way entitled to the same legal benefits as legal Americans.
But when it was time for the headline act, Bonafide did more than prove they were the genuine article.
Customer and fan interaction and feedback has been an integral part of Bonafide Boots' growth as a leader in custom handmade cowboy boots, and the mobile app now allows Aggie fans to show their loyalty and support via the free app.
Under the criteria, a tribesman should be a bonafide resident of FATA, his age should stand between 18 to 25 years and his spouse should not be a foreigner.
ASIAN music duo Bonafide played for hundreds of screaming fans at a Huddersfield event which raised cash for Pakistan flood victims.
However, Guzan is no longer Friedel's potential successor for the future, he is a bonafide rival for the first team role.
In these post-Buenavista years, when most practitioners of Cuban/Antillean genres and hybrid forms are trapped in "lo mismo de lo mismo" (meaning, for example, a lame guarachita labeled as "salsa," a hyperactive rumbita categorized as "tiraba," or a frigid tropicalization of the North American Songbook known as "Latin jazz"), it is always a great pleasure to get one of the bandleading percussionist/composer John Santos' discs in the mail, including his most recent recording, an enchanting and mostly original Panamerican/Pancaribbean brew that combines bonafide Cuban jazz, descarga, mambo, danzon, rumba, chachacha, mozambique, bata, palo, bomba, jibaro-style decimas, etc.
THE Audi R8 supercar is set to become the world's first bonafide diesel supercar.
THE Audi R8 supercar is about to become the world's first bonafide diesel supercar.
The exhibit speaks to women's past struggles for recognition as bonafide artists.
Departed" was the only bonafide box office hit, with a domestic gross of $131.