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BMSCBone Marrow Stromal Cells
BMSCBamfield Marine Sciences Centre (est. 1972; British Columbia, Canada)
BMSCBristol Medical Simulation Centre (health care; UK)
BMSCBachelor of Medical Science (degree)
BMSCBrindabella Motor Sport Club (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
BMSCBasic Message Sequence Chart
BMSCBouw Management Simulatie Centrum (Dutch: Building Management Simulation Center; Netherlands)
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sup][1] Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) can be easily obtained from patients themselves without ethical or immunological problems.
Najafzadeh, "Co-transplantation of bone marrow stromal cells with schwann cells evokes mechanical allodynia in the contusion model of spinal cord injury in rats," Cell Journal, vol.
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Wu, "Intravenously transplanted bone marrow stromal cells promote recovery of lower urinary tract function in rats with complete spinal cord injury," Spinal Cord, vol.
The frequency, growth kinetics, and osteogenic/adipogenic differentiation properties of canine bone marrow stromal cells.
Keywords: Panax notoginseng saponins Bone marrow stromal cells Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling pathway Osteoprotegerin (OPG) Receptor activator of NF-KB ligand (RANKL)
The NIH Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Transplantation Center completed the evaluation in August with a conclusion that CaridianBCT's technology successfully reproduced considerable quantities of adult BMSCs in an automated process in functionally closed environment.
LTC-IC assay with limiting dilution is relatively easier than the other LTC-IC assays, since the preprepared murine bone marrow stromal cell line plates can be used in five weeks, and counting CFUs is easier than counting CAFCs.
Recently, subarachnoid injection has been reported as a minimally invasive method of transplantation of bone marrow stromal cells for spinal cord injury.
Quarto R, Mastrogiacomo M, Cancedda R, Kutepov SM, Mukhachev V, Lavroukov A, Kon E, Marcacci M 2001 Repair of large bone defects with the use of autologous bone marrow stromal cells New England Journal of Medicine 344 385-386
2003, showing that surface-expressed RANKL protein on human bone marrow stromal cells, isolated by flow cytometry, was substantially increased in cells from post-menopausal women, as compared with pre-menopausal women, as well as with estrogen-treated post-menopausal women--demonstrate that estrogen can regulate RANKL expression on bone marrow stromal cells, although the studies do not demonstrate if this is a direct or indirect effect.
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