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BONOBranch-on-Need Octree (tree data structure)
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Beckford, -- in all the crack novels, I say, from those of Bulwer and Dickens to those of Bulwer and Dickens to those of Turnapenny and Ainsworth, the two little Latin words cui bono are rendered "to what purpose?
It was process of Evolution, I think, from Primal Necessity, but the fact remains in all the cui bono.
The list ranks firms by the number of pro bono hours donated out of each firms metropolitan San Antonio office in 2017 and also includes the total number of pro bono hours firmwide, with Akin Gump contributing 88,045 hours last year.
You'll never know when coach will call your number, so I'm just ready,' Bono said.
Florida Pro Bono Matters is being piloted right now with Legal Services of Greater Miami, Americans for Immigrant Justice, and Cuban American Bar Association Pro Bono Legal Services.
Bono, then a 16-year-old Paul Hewson, was the last one to arrive at Larry's home on September 25 and found himself squeezed around the drum kit with The Edge and Adam Clayton.
Under the leadership of a committee member Judge Ashley Moody, the committee and The Florida Bar Foundation organized a first-ever all-circuits meeting of circuit pro bono chairs throughout the state.
The award is in its third year and was established after Kathi Pugh, who retired after over two decades of running the firm's pro bono program.
The San Francisco Pro Bono Alliance formed in late 2013 with the mission of increasing participation in pro bono work by in-house legal professionals.
Kaye put together a pro bono committee, comprising members from different company offices, who worked together to identify projects that interested lawyers in each region.
With a movie adaptation of Neil's book, Killing Bono, about to hit cinemas, the 49-year-old tells how he's spent his life in the shadow of the world's biggest rock star: