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BOOLBoolean (variable type)
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The equations discussed above provide an opportunity for a Monte Carlo test on the presence of a Boolean model.
The boolean adjacent vertex search over a graph is a more general operation, which searches for all adjacent vertices by a boolean expression.
Key words: Landfill, Geo spatial, Boolean, Site Selection, Lahore
Key Words: information storage and retrieval; PubMed searching, Boolean operators, search field tags, wildcard, use of keywords.
The way we use Boolean values in our error check sheet is to store the test results.
1) First the transaction database needs to be converted into Boolean matrix.
Hence A is a maximal set with uni-element and by theorem 1 and definition A, a maximal set of B forms a Boolean ring.
2010) proposed MLBM algorithm only scans the transaction database once, and it adopts the Boolean vector to discover frequent itemset.
Despite its widespread use, it seems that little attention has been paid to the following problem: How to perform exact simulations of a Boolean model in a bounded domain?
In Section 3, we identify the permutation subclass of TSSCPPs in terms of the boolean triangles of Section 2.
Yashchenko contributed to the series with a volume on applying Boolean functions in the analysis and design of ciphers.
Model-based transformations for quantified Boolean formulas.