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BOOLBoolean (variable type)
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2) Usually there are a large number of transactions in the transaction database, so the Boolean matrix is very large.
Foster, Generalized boolean theory of universal algebras, Math.
2010) proposed Association Rule Based on Boolean Matrix algorithm, which only scans the transaction database once, and discovers frequent item set.
The difficulty lies in that the intersection of a Boolean model and a bounded domain is also a Boolean model, but its parameters are different.
Finally, in Section 5 we make some remarks about a new partial order on TSSCPPs obtained via boolean triangles, which reduces in the permutation case to the distributive lattice which is the product of chains of lengths 2, 3, .
A Boolean search, named for the British mathematician George Boole, uses "operators," such as and or or, to define a relationship between terms.
For that purpose, we use the well-known equivalence between First Order Logic (FO) and a class of restricted families of boolean circuits.
Boolean search, concept search, natural-language queries, relevance ranking and pattern recognition can be applied alone or together to achieve a customized search solution that is right for any organization's search needs.
For example, searching on the injection molding of nitrile rubber using natural language, Boolean operators and classifications as follows gives a wide variation in the number of records retrieved:
Pictures of each project are shown as a miniature catalogue and each can be enlarged on the screen in the normal way Sorts are possible (in English) by name and date of design, and searches by name are possible, but not with Boolean operators.
By default, the power search uses full Boolean syntax, which is very similar to RIA's advanced search.
Each node of the structure has a Boolean expression on it (and, or, xor, nor, and not) which 'filters' the search data and contextuallizes it.