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BDXBordeaux (France)
BDXBecton-Dickinson and Company (stock symbol)
BDXBuilders Digital Experience (real estate)
BDXBusiness Document Exchange
BDXBusiness Data Exchange (digital information management)
BDXBurst Detector X
BDXBeacon Data Extractor
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Grimaud silently swallowed the glass of Bordeaux wine; but his eyes, raised toward heaven during this delicious occupation, spoke a language which, though mute, was not the less expressive.
Before the hunt, by old custom, the count had drunk a silver cupful of mulled brandy, taken a snack, and washed it down with half a bottle of his favorite Bordeaux.
The departure of the mother and son from Spain had been so long delayed, by the surgeon's orders, that the travelers had only advanced on their homeward journey as far as Bordeaux, when I had last heard from Mrs.
Couldst not shoot a bolt down any street of Bordeaux, I warrant, but you would pink archer, squire, or knight.
Sedley and Company, having established agencies at Oporto, Bordeaux, and St.
We stayed no less than twenty days at Pampeluna; when (seeing the winter coming on, and no likelihood of its being better, for it was the severest winter all over Europe that had been known in the memory of man) I proposed that we should go away to Fontarabia, and there take shipping for Bordeaux, which was a very little voyage.
As part of a nationwide programme for the construction of new court facilities - courthouses in Grasse and Lyons by de Portzamparc and Yves Lion plus upcoming projects in Nantes and Pontoise by Nouvel and Ciriani respectively - the Richard Rogers Partnership (RRP) has satisfied both municipal and judicial desires with its recent additions to the Bordeaux Law Courts.
A white Bordeaux is a blend that usually combines the tangy, lively acidity of Sauvignon Blanc with the smooth, weightier character of Semillon grapes.
He and his Bordeaux co-workers have focused their attentions on carefully controlled reactions involving chlorite, iodide and malonic acid.
It has been widely reported that for many Americans, Bordeaux can feel out of reach.
2015 is going to be magnificent and the winemakers of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur are very proud and happy," said Herve Grandeau, President of the Bordeaux & Bordeaux Superieur AOC Winemakers' Association.