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Investigators found that although the BAE Systems company did recognise the hazards of not removing a boresight before firing - having interlocked other guns to avoid this type of incident - they had failed to implement the same standards on the weapon in question.
To boresight and zero the M2A1 when it's mounted on the M153 CROWS, use the CROWS boresight alignment kit following the procedures in TM 9-1090-219-10.
com)-- ICA Police Gear, a company that recently began in order to provide quality law enforcement equipment to fellow law enforcement families, has recently expanded its product line and now offers gun sights, boresights, and tactical flashlights from SightMark.
In each example case described below, we use the boresight angle (s) to derive the swath width or potential swath coverage width.
I began to weave and slow the aircraft to get spacing while simultaneously selecting the dogfight mode to get an Air Combat Maneuver (ACM) boresight lock on lead.
Just as a tank crew must boresight its weapon system, you must perform predeployment operational tests on your Ml systems as well.
But mounting pods on AH-6s invalidates boresight alignment and degrades their accuracy.
Tube-loading also produces more accurate rockets by keeping the rocket-pod boresight aligned.
It also provides special motion systems and radome boresight test equipment.
During system set-up the user enters values for the weapon, the round he is firing, the muzzle velocity, the barrel spin ratio, the bullet weight, the drag curve, the weapon boresight range and the direct-view optical sight height off the rail.
With the Direct View Optic, warfighters never have to attach and boresight an external optic for day missions.