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BOFBoys Over Flowers (anime)
BOFBusiness of Fashion (resource)
BOFBirds Of a Feather
BOFBreath of Fire (Capcom video game)
BOFBasic Oxygen Furnace
BOFBest of Friends
BOFBest of Five
BOFBank of Fukuoka, Ltd. (Japan)
BOFBook of Fun
BOFBuffer Overflow
BOFBank of Finland
BOFBeginning Of File
BOFBoard of Forestry (California)
BOFBatman on Film (fan website)
BOFBoard Of Fisheries
BOFBirth of the Federation (Star Trek game)
BOFBody on Frame (automotive)
BOFBusiness Oriented Framework
BOFBottom of Fuel
BOFBottom Of Form
BOFBoring Old Fart
BOFBudget Office of the Federation (Nigeria)
BOFBusiness Object Framework
BOFBunch of Freaks
BOFBritish Orienteering Federation
BOFBande Originale du Film (French: original sound track)
BOFBug or Feature
BOFBréviaire d'Orthographe Française (French spelling and grammar software)
BOFBarrel of Fun
BOFBlown Optical Fiber (method of delivery)
BOFBall of Foot
BOFBacon Old-Fashioned (alcoholic beverage)
BOFBusiness Opportunity Form (sales support document)
BOFBedienoberfläche (German: User Interface)
BOFBand of Friends (gaming clan)
BOFBetween Ontologies and Folksonomies (workshop)
BOFBase of Fire (non-maneuver element that provides sustained cover)
BOFBinary Oxide Film
BOFBack Order File
BOFBrotherhood of the Falcon (Belegarth)
BOFBilling and Ordering Forum (ATIS)
BOFBank Operating Funds
BOFBreak on Fall (float switches)
BOFBasic Own Funds (finance)
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Then there is BOF Productions, in Devon, whose founder, Nick Lawrence, says it stands for Boring Old Fart and insists he is the only one to whom it applies.
Of course, it's always easier for a boring old fart to make new friends when he has an attractive companion in tow, and proof of that assertion was to be found long before the twin spires of Churchill Downs hove in sight.
Neil and I had gone to speak to the annual dinner of the Oxford University Conservative Association because in their own words `We didn't want a boring old fart from the shadow cabinet and thought you would be much more fun'.
But I'm a boring old fart - I don't smoke or drink, Orlaith wouldn't allow me to have an affair so work really is my hobby.
WE'RE not saying Justin Timberlake's a boring old fart, but we were there the other night when he was upstaged by - wait for it - Boris Johnson.
I have a 19-year-old nanny and sit down for a chat with her, then realise I'm 20 years older and she probably thinks I'm a boring old fart.
Everyone acts as though Paul McCartney has always been this homely, staid, boring old fart who wants nothing more than to stay home with a tofu sarnie, his Val Doonican records and a large organic spliff.
You've got to guard against becoming the boring old fart who starts every sentence with "Twenty years ago.
He can be a boring old fart, but I've never thought about leaving," says Ian, who is happy, during filming, to drive the 170 miles home from Bristol to spend weekends in the Pennines with his headmistress wife and their 13-year-old son, Tom.
But by banging on about the same sort of thing on TV in the evening the old geezer is in danger of becoming a boring old fart.
They'll still view us as boring old farts, but at least if we're allowed to stay in our jobs, we'll be capable and intelligent boring old farts.
I'm delighted Kights is bullish and buoyant about coming back, and that's great, but I've got a bit more experience under my belt and for us to be boring old farts and just temper things and make sure he is ready.