BOSIBank of Scotland Ireland
BOSIBank of Scotland International
BOSiBureau Of Silly ideas (London, UK street theater company)
BOSIBody of Safety Information (database)
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Kilbourn AM, Karesh WB, Wolfe ND, Bosi EJ, Cook RA, Andau M.
Marcus Eaves, Henry Brosi, Claude Bosi, Kellie Charge, chair, Event's Organising Committee; Jocelyn Herland and Claude Lamarche.
A large part of the BoSI loan book has now been sold reducing demand for the services provided by Certus.
is the first in a series of food books co-written and produced by award winning TV and radio broadcaster and journalist Petrie Hosken and her sister Claire Bosi , the award winning Michelin star restaurateur and co founder HIBISCUS.
Mr Bosi caught up with the car at traffic lights and tried to stop the teenage thief, but the car sped off again, narrowly missing a woman pedestrian.
Claude Bosi picked up two stars at the same pitch in Corve Street - then known as Hibiscus - before upping sticks for London.
Ms Murphy and BOSI enter mediation talks later this month.
Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck restaurant was voted Restaurant of the Year, beating Hibiscus, run by former Ludlow chef Claude Bosi.
STEVE Love is a chef with a fine pedigree, having worked with such culinary luminaries as Alan Ducasse, Claude Bosi and Gary Jones.
Bosi field went on stream in mid-2008 at 110,000 b/d, to reach 135,000 b/d in 2011.
BOSI is the creation of Founder and CEO Joe Abraham, of Chicago, and provides the BOSI DNA evaluation to startup entrepreneurs, B-to-B companies and nonprofits and corporations via its website at www.
Claire McCombe, investment director of BOSI, hailed Yuill as a "successful, well established and well managed business" with a strong track record.