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BMOSBoston Museum of Science (Boston, MA)
BMOSBrazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis (Brazilian Chemical Society; Brazil)
BMOSBipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BMOSBritish Mathematical Olympiad Subtrust (competition)
BMOSBytex Matrix Operating System
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EiE was developed at the Boston Museum of Science to develop engineering literacy of elementary educators and children (www.
Going to: Boston Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114.
Presented by The Boston Museum of Science, also get acquainted with some incredible animals from the museum's Live Animal Care Center, 11:30 a.
Noted education experts such as Boston Museum of Science president Ioannis Miaoulis, former Vermont governor James Douglas, Girlstart executive director Tamara Hudgins, Wilson Foundation president Arthur Levine, National GEM Consortium executive director Michele Lezama, and award-winning journalist Pat Wingert participated in the event.
Turner's works have been exhibited around the world, including Ripley's Believe It or Not, the Boston Museum of Science and the University of Oregon.
From there he worked at the Boston Museum of Science and the EiE Project.
The demo was done by Joseph Pompei, Founder and Owner of Holosonics, who showcased a truly directional audio system which generates high quality sound and is installed in Walt Disney, Yale Art Gallery, Boston Museum of Science and the Seattle Space Needle.
Scientists at the Boston University discovered that about one in 13 people have flexible apeA[degrees]like feet after studying the feet of 398 visitors to the Boston Museum of Science.
London, June 1 ( ANI ): Scientists who studied the feet of 398 visitors to the Boston Museum of Science have revealed that one in thirteen people have flexible ape-like feet.
Financial concerns are prodding science museums, even the giant Boston Museum of Science, to try to shake off the image that they are a place just for kids so they get more money from attendance.
The NPCEditor has been applied in a number of virtual human applications, including SGT Star for Army recruiting and virtual museum guides at the Boston Museum of Science.
It's dwarfed by the model that starts in the Boston Museum of Science, with the Sun 11 feet across and Pluto 9 miles away.
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