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Guislain chaired the session on digital finance and resilience for people at the bottom of the pyramid, hosted by the Bank's Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialization Complex.
Rich economies, large companies, and privileged people must embrace inclusivity and help those who are at the bottom of the pyramid.
Bajpai, an Indian businessman who has experience with many of India's giants, recommends in his 2011 interview with Jim Euchner--companies wishing to sell to the bottom of the pyramid, Bajpai says, absolutely must focus on price first, but they must do so with an understanding of what these consumers actually need: "The entire philosophy of innovation and production is starting from the point that the consumer has a problem.
Leaving aside factors driving down the cost of doing business with the bottom of the pyramid, provision of credit to micro enterprises and the "missing middle" is dependent also on the microfinance banks and other lending institutions mobilising funding to lend out.
The second part of the conference resumed with the Parallel Sessions, these sessions were focused on four tracks: Marketing Communication, Bottom of the Pyramid, Marketing Strategy, and Green Marketing, chaired by Dr.
To Prahalad (2010), consumption at the bottom of the pyramid opens the path to improving the lives of the poor and eradicate world poverty, and, at the same time, it generates profits for companies, which run through the production and consumption focused on the bottom the pyramid.
The Minister was briefed by Syed Saud Ahmed Pasha - Director Agri-services - on the Company's efforts to revolutionize the dynamics of the dairy industry by targeting the bottom of the pyramid farming community and improving their economics through agricultural and livestock extension services that has directly resulted in increased yields and better incomes.
Subsequently, the RBI also came up with a differentiated banking model to better serve the bottom of the pyramid.
The multi stakeholders forum comprising media, academia, research institutions, civil society organisations, private sector and government agreed on the need to engage private sector in the resilience advantaged at the bottom of the pyramid, particularly women.
They discuss Bottom of the Pyramid research and poverty alleviation in specific sectors in Latin America; the challenges faced by small states; the role of trust among business stakeholders and the process of trust building; comparison of countries in Central America; entrepreneurial activity and non-entrepreneurial engagement in Colombia; the Private Council of Competitiveness in Guatemala; the market entry process of Portuguese small and medium-sized enterprises in Brazil; innovation and technological development; the recent high economic growth in the region and the role of crowdfunding; and how international remittances to developing countries are increasing.
Corporations can make fortunes at the bottom of the pyramid," says Arunachalam, "But I hope Where Angles Prey exposes the harsh realities of trying to do good and do business"
In most of these cases, the challenge is the widening gap (financially and ideologically) between the bottom of the pyramid and the 'peak' of it.