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The Boucherville, Quebec- based company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Groupe LeDuff, a restaurants and industrial bakery company based in France.
During the conference, demonstrations are scheduled in Boucherville for a select group of senior pulp & paper executives and industry specialists.
The Boucherville plant will produce batteries for the latter market whose worth is estimated to be US$2.
The Boucherville plant will manufacture modules and batteries including metallic lithium foil anodes.
BOUCHERVILLE, Quebec -- Further to a news release issued earlier today, Groupe Les Ailes de la Mode inc.
At the present time, Marmon/Keystone Canada maintains service centers in Burlington and Boucherville, Quebec.
BOUCHERVILLE, Quebec -- At the request of Market Regulations Services Inc.
ACA Assurance employs 80 professionals in Manchester, NH, Three-Rivers and Boucherville, Quebec, and in Melbourne, Florida.
BOUCHERVILLE, Quebec -- The issue of this press release is limited to Canada only.
The mechanical contract for this installation has been awarded to CNC Mechanical (2002) Inc of Boucherville, Quebec.
1345 Newton Road, Boucherville, Quebec, J4B 5H2 Canada
The 50,000 square foot facility consolidates four manufacturing plants located in Ottawa, Quebec City, and two buildings located in the Montreal suburbs of Boucherville and Anjou, into one brand new manufacturing plant that will service the needs of customers primarily located in the Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City areas.