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Khloe revealed that she and French had discussed their boyfriend-girlfriend status, which Scott found a little bit unnerving and amusing simply because of the fact that it's been so long since he had been in such a situation.
Another thing I don't like is that I've started to like boys in a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of way.
He was informed that the attack might have had something to do with a boyfriend-girlfriend breakup.
I have been privy to more than a few details of dissolving relationships, as friends and loved ones, as well as clients, have shared with me problems in their boyfriend-girlfriend relationships or problems in marriages that ultimately led to the couple hiring legal advice and seeking a divorce.
It doesn't mean it is a boyfriend-girlfriend thing.
The court heard the couple had had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship as teenagers but they had separated and Mrs Howarth had gone on to have a child during a relationship with Neil Brass.
He said: 'Some school leavers appear to have wound up the situation over some petty boyfriend-girlfriend type jealousies.
What it looks like is a boyfriend-girlfriend thing,'' Palmer said.
The teenagers had known each other for around 12 months and had been in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for around two months.
Informing a best friend or a parent is a little easier than the boyfriend-girlfriend scenario (61 to 59 percent, respectively).
He has basically analyzed each and every little thing to maximize the boyfriend-girlfriend experience.
He is looking into getting her back on a full-time basis as boyfriend-girlfriend by Christmas.