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BRÅBrottsförebyggande Rådet (Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention)
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This mission to Brazil of which you speak--it can have no great importance.
It is you--Monsieur Pailleton--whom the President desires to travel to Brazil.
I have come home rather in a hurry because I've decided to go to Brazil.
Augustino; so that he found he was upon the coast of Guiana, or the north part of Brazil, beyond the river Amazon, toward that of the river Orinoco, commonly called the Great River; and began to consult with me what course he should take, for the ship was leaky, and very much disabled, and he was going directly back to the coast of Brazil.
It was an inexpressible joy to me, which any one will believe, that I was thus delivered, as I esteemed it, from such a miserable and almost hopeless condition as I was in; and I immediately offered all I had to the captain of the ship, as a return for my deliverance; but he generously told me he would take nothing from me, but that all I had should be delivered safe to me when I came to the Brazils.
From Brazil the United States, in return for her surplus, gets bonds and securities.
It means that the resources of Brazil are being developed.
Considering the enormous area of Brazil, the proportion of cultivated ground can scarcely be considered as anything, compared to that which is left in the state of nature: at some future age, how vast a population it will support
During our stay at Brazil I made a large collection of insects.
These were that Lord John had found himself some years before in that no-man's-land which is formed by the half-defined frontiers between Peru, Brazil, and Columbia.
Some twenty years afterwards this man, then Lieutenant-Colonel Keith, published a sort of autobiography called `A British Officer in Burmah and Brazil.
I was as much a stranger in it, in my thoughts, as I was in the Brazils, when I first went on shore there; and as much alone, except for the assistance of servants, as I was in my island.