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Consistently, BrdU incorporation assay showed that there was a 47% reduction in proliferation in U266 MM cells transfected with ALR shRNA after 72-h culture, compared to control cells (P<0.
For [beta]-cell proliferation assays, sections were double-stained for insulin and BrdU (anti-BrdU, catalog number ab6326; Abcam, Cambridge, UK).
To better understand the antiproliferative effects of chelidonine and homochelidonine, particularly those induced by low drug concentrations, Jurkat and MOLT-4 cells were pulse-labelled with BrdU and mock-treated or exposed to chelidonine and homochelidonine at 5 and 10 [micro]M.
In addition, the results of BMSCs culture (Figure 1) and labeling with Brdu immunohistochemistry showed that Brdu-positive BMSCs survived and migrated to the injury site (hippocampus) (Figure 2).
Secondary antibodies were as follows: Alexa Fluor 488 for BrdU label and Alexa Fluor 594 for nestin label (Invitrogen[TM], Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
La capacidad del malathion para atravesar las membranas celulares e ingresar al nucleo para interactuar con el ADN estaria dada por sus caracteristicas de lipo-solubilidad (Karunaratne y Hemingway, 2001) El uso de tecnicas inmunocitoquimicas de incorporacion de BrdU permite demostrar la sintesis de ADN en los tejidos analizados.
Briefly, after 68 hr of co-culture of hAM-MSCs and T-cells, 10 [micro]l of BrdU (10 mg/ml) was added for 1 ml of culture medium and incubation continued for another 4 hr.
They have used BrdU (5-Bromo-2'deoxyuridine) labeling index in the different tissue compartments of the uterus, and also examined the immunohistochemical expression of nuclear estrogen receptor alpha (nERalpha), and nuclear progesterone receptor (nPR).
The BRDU has more than 1000 graded Warlpiri readers written and illustrated by Warlpiri.
Antiangiogenic effects of BBE on EOMA cells included decreased proliferation by BrdU assay, decreased sprouting on Matrigel, and decreased transwell migration.