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this includes activities with new installs and modifications to existing infrastructure including break/fix.
com)-- In recognition of the seamless and inventive way PCs can now be automatically self-healed from small break/fix issues and catastrophic failure, Pink Elephant, the global IT Service Management leadership certification and training organization awarded a top prize for IT Excellence to Utopic Software's Persystent Suite.
The company has a network of onsite break/fix support providers enables presence in over 90 countries worldwide.
Unisys also will provide break/fix software development services as needed.
This new service integrates break/fix repair and support with device management in a single program from a trusted vendor, it stated.
The new support suite provides two distinct support offerings that can be utilised to meet the requirements of our customers: Enterprise Linux support--with over 50 Certified Linux engineers providing customer facing reactive break/fix resolutions.
They commented, "The traditional break/fix IT services model has had its day.
The same issue confronts tech support teams in K-12: a need to expand the vision of what the help desk does from merely break/fix ("stuff breaks, we fix it") to something more integrated into a school's well-being--something based on a well-conceived strategy.
This segment includes storage services, IT consulting and education, operations management, break/fix and implementation.
We handle the central information; we handle all of the networking; we handle the central help desk; we handle all of the break/fix sorts of things; we handle all the voice communications.
Solution Providers Enhance Productivity, Ensure Greater Billing Accuracy and Optimize End User Satisfaction with NTRsupport-Even for Non-managed, Break/Fix Customers
Maintenance under the contract will cover break/fix, preventive maintenance, and technical support for specified optical scan voting systems and voter assists terminals (VATs, used by disabled voters).