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Her face startled him; it was a face he wanted; and he took it in at once like breathing air.
The Bauer group has developed innovative all-in-one breathing air compressors for fire-fighters and divers keeping in mind market demand.
Breathing air heavily polluted by soot from automobiles and power plants may raise the risk of death to nearly the same rate as smoking cigarettes.
Pipkin dove to the bottom and started breathing air directly into his son's mouth.
Life-Island Systems filter breathing air through a HEPA filter that is 99.
This made breathing air a more efficient way to obtain oxygen.
Those subgroups were then divided again, with half breathing air containing concentrated P[M.
He said: "Only one (of two) cylinders was suitable for that dive and he was breathing air rather than the mixture of gases he should have been breathing for diving to that depth.
Nicknamed the Frankenfish, the snakehead is capable of breathing air, slithering over land, and surviving three days outside the water, magnifying its ability to move from one habitat to another.
Clean air treatment products, such as dryers, fitters, automatic drains and breathing air systems are also described.
The infant essentially changes from being an organism breathing through a placenta to a baby breathing air on its own.