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BRENDABraunschweig Enzyme Database (Technical University of Brunswick Institute for Bioinformatics and Biochemistry; Germany)
BRENDABuilding and Real Estate Network (Belgian)
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But then Ophelia had probably known Hamlet a long while; and Brenda Troil--she had known Mordaunt Merton ever since they were children; but then he seems to have been an estimable young man; and Minna was still more deeply in love with Cleveland, who was a stranger.
We're excited to re-engage old fans and introduce Brenda Starr to a new audience.
Brenda lost her own son Ronnie in tragic circumstances and she was an absolute rock for Mum.
The cafe worker is shocked when young April asks whether he and Brenda are splitting up, but realises that the intuitive youngster has picked up on the tension in their faltering marriage.
Brenda, from Sacriston, County Durham visited her GP and was referred to an Ear Nose and roat (ENT) specialist who explained that sometimes the balance issue and the buzzing can be due to a physical blockage in the ears and the best way to identify this was through an MRI scan.
CLLR BOB KERR AND CLLR CHARLIE ROONEY, Clairville Ward BRENDA Dalziell's fight to make our town safer was a credit to her and her family.
Audiences are invited to pay a visit to Brenda who will be introducing them to her dazzling array of familiar friends and the ladies she loves.
Despite being injured, Lauren, 18, died while protecting her sister as she threw herself in McNally's line of fire as he tried to kill Brenda in May last year.
But for sisters Judy Patchett and Brenda Chandler, the meeting was anything but ordinary - it was the first time they had met after a family secret kept them apart for almost 70 years.
A year ago Brenda was told she would have survived for only another two days had no donor organ been found.
For the filming of the latest series - each of which brings her to Northumberland for five months - Brenda has enjoyed the more simple things in life.
Brenda, 62, from Dewsbury, usually receives more than her fair share of cards and goodwill messages on Mother's Day.