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BRENTABRAIN (Broadband Radio Access for Based-Based Networks) End Terminal Architecture
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Brenta explains the mechanics of the incorporations.
The pilot industrial production will start in the Megacell's facility of Carmignano di Brenta (Padua, Italy) within the first quarter of 2015.
Marini's edition of L'Arcadia in Brenta satisfies, in the most desirable form, the need for a modern, complete, and reliable edition of a once-a-best-seller that must be considered in its entirety to achieve the complete understanding of the history of Italian seventeenth-century prose.
Italian boutique yacht builder Brenta has added a new 52-foot day sailer to its expanding offering which sacrifices the cabin roof and some interior space to make way for a large lounge extending from the helms forward to the mast.
VIP Tours is offering a selection of luxury barge cruises in Europe, including cruises on the River Brenta and the Venetian Lagoon.
It breaks new ground in all sorts of ways: archivally, by establishing the dates of his birth and death (at Dolo on the Brenta Canal near Padua); iconographically, by going a long way towards elucidating the meanings of Bertos's complex groups; and materially, by assembling and illustrating an incomparably larger and more comprehensive corpus of works--many of them reproduced in colour--than hitherto.
Well-known cases in Europe are those of Leicester and Northampton (in England), Pirmasens (in Germany), and Vigevano, la Rivera del Brenta, and the Fermano area (in Italy); there are also many more examples on other continents.
E, nello stesso periodo, si metteva alla testa d'un gruppo di registi, Mario Brenta, Maurizio Zaccaro, Franco Piavoli, per realizzare il documentario Terra madre, uscito in sala nel 2009, opera ideata e realizzata a difesa di una committenza virtuale di milioni di contadini sparsi nel mondo.
Known as the City of Water and the Fsnwb Floating City, Venice and its Lagoon stretches from the river Sile in the north to the Brenta in the south.
Guests cycle for up to 40 miles daily through fortified towns and by villas enroute to Asolo from the Brenta Canal.
If there is a Geological example of neurosis it is the Brenta Group.
Exiled in Italy, Byron spent the summer months of 1817 seven miles outside Venice in the Villa Foscarini on the Brenta at La Mira.