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The Vivato Wi-Fi Bridge/Router contains dual 200 mW radios for increased coverage and capacity.
4 GHz Wireless Bridge/Router provide businesses with the ability to create an external wireless network/hotspot or connect two networks across town wirelessly in a rugged, watertight protective casing that includes built-in lightning protection, keeping sensitive electronic components safely away for the elements or power surges.
Pricing starts at GBP740+VAT for the Air Premier DWL-1700AP Outdoor Wireless Access Point and GBP740+VAT for the Air Premier DWL-1750 Outdoor Wireless Bridge/Router.
When configured with Bridge/Router Software BRS-0023, the LBR operates as a high speed, multiport bridge that simultaneously interconnects the PARAGON concentrator's two Ethernet backplane channels, two external LAN segments, and one WAN port.
WaveRider's NCL family of bridge/routers provides high-speed wireless connectivity for LAN-to-Internet and LAN-to-LAN applications, enabling fast, reliable connections over distances up to ten miles.
Microcom is a leader in PC connectivity whose principal products include Carbon Copy remote communications software, MicroPorte and QX high-speed portable and desktop modems, Microcom Bridge/Router internetworking products and LANlord desktop management software for LANs.
Eastcom has purchased 100 NCL1155 wireless bridge/routers for distribution in China.
The OmniServe multi-protocol bridge/router provides connectivity for a wide range of servers and storage devices in both SCSI and Fibre Channel topologies.
Microcom Networking Protocol, DeskPorte, MicroPorte, Qx, Carbon Copy and Microcom Bridge/Router are trademarks of Microcom Systems, Inc.
Carbon Copy, MicroPorte, DeskPorte, QX and Microcom Bridge/Router are trademarks of Microcom Systems, Inc.
Nighthawk will distribute WaveRider's NCL1170 wireless bridge/router throughout the United Kingdom and parts of Western Europe.
Carbon Copy, MicroPorte, QX, DeskPorte and Microcom Bridge/Router are trademarks of Microcom Systems, Inc.