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BRBBe Right Back
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BRBBanco Regional de Brasília SA (Brazilian bank)
BRBBuried Ruins of Bacaba (gaming, Outwar Zone)
BRBBaguio Realtors Board (Philippines)
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As the mother began pushing, a trickle of bright red blood from the mothers vagina was noted, and the babys heart tones were temporarily lost.
You've noticed bright red blood after passing a stool, you have an itchy bottom and a lump hanging down outside the anus which may need to be pushed back in after passing the stool.
The bright red blood contained in the mosquito's jug, his red hat and legs, and, of course, his blood-tipped proboscis tinged from its hematophagous endeavors, contrasts with the morning gloom.
However, in more severe cases, things to look out for include bright red blood in your stool, itching in the area and the development of lumps of skin that hang down from the anus,' says Dr Simon.
There was bright red blood, but not as much as I expected.
She developed bright red blood from the left ureteral orifice after removal of a metallic ureteral stent during an exchange procedure at an outside hospital.
I walked to where he had been standing at the time of the shot and instantly found good, bright red blood, and lots of it.
It is called A Geordie's Life in Rhyme Organised by: Bright Red Blood cancer charity
It has been organised by the Bright Red Blood cancer charity.
Within a few hours, Juanita had a bowel movement containing a large amount of bright red blood.
A next-day follow-up examination by the child's pediatrician revealed the patient's respiratory symptoms had improved, but also revealed bright red blood in stool.
was increasingly fussy with feedings, and she began seeing small specks of bright red blood and mucous daily in his stools.