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BFBBattle for BFDI (Battle for Dream Island; gaming)
BFBBest Friend's Brother
BFBBiofeedback (medical care)
BFBBacterial Fruit Blotch (disease)
BFBBeer for Breakfast
BFBBubbling Fluidized Bed
BFBBundesverband der Freien Berufe (German: Federal Association of Liberal Professions)
BFBBusiness and Finance Bulletin (various schools)
BFBBest Friend with Benefits
BFBBig Fat Ballon
BFBBlood for Blood (Band)
BFBBest Friend's Boyfriend
BFBBroken Family Band
BFBBush Fire Brigade (Australia)
BFBBertrand, Foucher, Bélanger (religious supply company; Canada)
BFBBattlefield Brothers (gaming community)
BFBBarefoot Bay (Florida)
BFBBringing Families Back (Las Vegas, NV)
BFBBalanced Failure Biasing
BFBBiker Friendly Bar
BFBBroad Flange Beam
BFBBig Freakin' Baby (polite form)
BFBBeads for Boobs (Mardi Gras)
BFBBike Freaking Bike (polite form; slang for any large displacement motorcycle)
BFBBASF (Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik) Future Business (Germany)
BFBBrutal Floating Behemoth (video game character; Bloons Tower Defense)
BFBBig Fat Bummer (Internet slang)
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The same operation was carried out close by some several months ago but the massive flow of refugees keeps bringing families back to the footpaths and avenues here.
As a politician myself (in nearby Strong Township), I know the value of bringing families back into the area.
His unwavering commitment and compassion in the years since that moment have brought astounding results, changing and saving lives, bringing families back together.
Missing Without Trace ITV, 9pm Bringing families back together is all the rage of late, what with the likes of Long Lost Family and the new movie Philomena.
The level two unit would allow us to care for these babies within our own area, as well as return babies with even higher level needs earlier and bringing families back together more quickly.
SPL supremo Neil Doncaster insists bringing families back to football can help save the Scottish game.
The economy is bringing families back to the kitchen table, the scenario providing a positive upshot for grocers, since in-home meals still provide a better value to consumers in every way.
The concept is aimed at bringing families back to the dinner table by allowing busy moms a convenient means for making dinners at home.
They were so popular that they were bringing families back in.
Still, with almost nine million of you tuning in to watch Friday night's eviction, it was good to see the power of racism in bringing families back together round the goggle box.
It was only a matter of time before someone could manufacture a way to make a profit off the enticing idea of bringing families back to the supper table, and several of those new startups are beginning to creep into the central Arkansas market.