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BRISBarnens Rätt I Samhället (Swedish: Children's Right in Society)
BRISBloodstock Research Information Services
BRISBohemian Regional Innovation Strategy (Czech Republic)
BRISBanana Research Information System (Biodiversity International; Montpellier, France)
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Any significant dilution in ownership or perceived weakening of support from BRI would be negative for the subsidiary's rating.
For skeptics on the ability of investors and markets to overcome patterns of value destruction: long term trends suggest that the next stock market crisis is due to start in April 2015 and last for 11 months, with the usual negative impacts on economies all around, says Bris.
The season before that Bris had been held 13-13 and on the last day of the 2009-10 campaign Mose simply overwhelmed the Westcountrymen.
Key Words: BRIS soil; Pineapple; Sea water; Irrigation; Sodium; Potassium
To our knowledge, our previous study is the only one containing benchmark data on CNS drug use for veterans with BRIs [2].
Along with Michel Le Bris, Rouaud also initiated the "Toward a 'World-Literature' in French" manifesto that appears on page 54 of this issue.
SW Services[TM] has published a flyer devoted to bris Cap[TM] described as a patented way to protect gas valves from dirt, debris and damage.
The company also has a minority equity ownership in BRIS, a leading business information provider in Malaysia.
Campden BRIs Director-General, Professor Colin Dennis states:
With more than 160sq metres of glass, natural light floods into the striking loft-style office space, shaded with a specially commissioned Bris Soleil to prevent glare, while overhangs or louvres reduce the direct radiation from the sun falling on the glass.
Another real discovery for me was the amazing St Bris made by Jean-Huges Goisot.
They find a hideously tasteless script - Springtime for Hitler, written by mad Nazi Franz Liebkind (Ferrell) - and hire flamboyant director Roger De Bris (Beach) and sultry but batty Swedish actress Ulla (Thurman) to star in the flop.