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Thus, a newspaper or broadcast station for example in Aparri or Jolo, Cebu or Davao can be made to answer a complaint filed in Metro Manila where the complainant resides, although the subject, issue or the incident published in law the cause of action did not arise in Metro Manila," said Del Mar.
TVU Grid leverages broadcasters' existing IP networks to share live video content from any source, whether it be from a cellular ENG transmitter in the field such as TVUPack, or any SDI feed with any number of broadcast stations with just the click of a button.
He called on Congress to build on the FCC's March 31 unanimous and bipartisan vote banning separately owned, same-market top four-rated broadcast stations from colluding in the sale of retransmission consent.
But the coverage of the aftermath of the killings by many broadcast stations has shown a flagrant disregard for the Broadcast Code, lack of professionalism and outright irresponsibility.
Hispanic/Latino persons collectively or individually held a majority of the voting interests in 671 broadcast stations, consisting of 176 commercial AM radio stations (5.
As cable ads increase, most broadcast stations are operating in the red.
YBI") (NASDAQ:YBTVA) today announced that 72 candidates participated in its political campaign initiative during the midterm elections, taking advantage of 240 minutes of free, issue-oriented air-time on the newscasts of YBI's ten broadcast stations.
OTCBB: VACM) (Frankfurt XETRA: VAM), a Las Vegas-based entertainment production company, is pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent for the acquisition of full-power broadcast stations, a film library and a broadcast production facility.
The decision to explore the sale of our broadcast stations is a result of our ongoing analysis of our business portfolio," said Janet L.
The signals from live event venues will be transmitted by NTT's i-Visto system wirelessly to broadcast stations then broadcast as regular HDTV service.
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