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beau quartier = swanky neighborhood ; Broadway = in New York City, of course}
Down through the twilight sank five attacking airships, one to the Navy Yard on East River, one to City Hall, two over the great business buildings of Wall Street and Lower Broadway, one to the Brooklyn Bridge, dropping from among their fellows through the danger zone from the distant guns smoothly and rapidly to a safe proximity to the city masses.
Among them his warrior trappings were no more remarkable than is a pair of trousers upon Broadway.
At first it caused me to blush violently although I have seen several Old Years out at Rectors, and in other less fashionable places off Broadway, and in Vienna, and Hamburg.
You or I walking beneath the arcs of Main Street, or Broadway, or State Street, could not have moved more surely or with a tenth the speed of the agile ape-man through the gloomy mazes that would have baffled us entirely.
As they crossed Broadway, he came face to face with a new problem.
A stone flung down the Bowery to kill a dog in Broadway.
I remember, in those days, on the east side of Broadway, between Sixth and Seventh, from corner to corner, there was a solid block of saloons.
What reasonable man ever supposed that ornaments were something outward and in the skin merely -- that the tortoise got his spotted shell, or the shell-fish its mother-o'-pearl tints, by such a contract as the inhabitants of Broadway their Trinity Church?
For there lay The Combs--the set of combs, side and back, that Della had worshipped long in a Broadway window.
When they left the restaurant, the four walked to Eighth and Broadway, where they stopped beside the electric car.
Sabin motioned to his coachman, and they crossed Broadway.