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BXNBromoxynil (cotton herbicide)
BXNBodrum, Turkey - Imsik Airport (Airport Code)
BXNBauxite and Northern Railway (Arkansas)
BXNBusiness Exchange Network
BXNBrand X Networks, Inc.
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Factors associated with detection of bromoxynil in a sample of rural residents.
Worldwide, very little information about removal of bromoxynil from water are available, beside the fact that no attempt has been made in Gaza to remove or attenuate bromoxynil concentration in the ecosystem.
Most of these herbicides exhibited a 2-to 4-fold increase except for bromoxynil, which showed a 20-fold increase in concentration from April/May to July.
Laboratory spikes (concentrations from 1,000 ng/g for most herbicides to 4,000 ng/g for bromoxynil and bentazon) of nine samples indicated that all target analytes were efficiently extracted with recovery means ranging from 71 to 124% and recovery standard deviations from 8 to 29%, except for fenoxyprop ethyl (149 [+ or -] 32%) and fluazifop-p-butyl (152 [+ or -] 26%).
13] Bromoxynil causes cancer and birth defects in laboratory animals and is considered by EPA to be a developmental toxin and possible human carcinogen.
May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company's BUCTRIL(R) brand bromoxynil herbicide will be available this season for cotton growers who grow BXN(R) varieties of genetically modified cotton seed, the U.
Among the most widely used herbicides that interfere with the thyroid system are 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), acetochlor, aminotriazole, amitrole, bromacil, bromoxynil, pendamethalin, and the thioureas (Brucker-Davis 1998; Howdeshell 2002; Short and Colborn 1999).
Bromoxynil and ioxynil herbicides are registered in virtually every country in the world for use mainly on cereal and corn, and have the advantage of very low persistence in the environment.
In addition to the previously referenced products, Sanachem manufactures asulam, bromoxynil, cypermethrin, diuron, propiconazole, tebuthiuron and other products.
BXN(R) cotton, sold under the BXN(R) System -- BXN(R) cotton variety plus the herbicide, bromoxynil -- entered its second year of sales in 1996.
Acephate Chlorpyrifos Mancozeb Phenoxies(2) Atrazine Dicamba Mepiquat Pyrethroids(3) Bromoxynil Ethephon Metolachlor(1) Simazine Chlorothalonil Glyphosate Pendimethalin Trifluralin
The BXN gene allows the herbicide bromoxynil to be applied over-the-top for weed control without injury to the cotton plants.