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BKBurger King Brands, Inc. (fast food restaurant chain)
BKBack (Hyper Logo Turtle Graphics command)
BKBankruptcy (banking industry)
BKBank (IRB)
BKBreak (logging abbreviation)
BKBalk (baseball)
BKBeyonce Knowles (musical artist)
BKBlue Knights (drum corp, Denver, Colorado)
BKBlack Knights (Drum Corps; Burbank, CA)
BKBanjo-Kazooie (video game)
BKBrevin Knight (basketball player)
BKBilly Kidman (WWE wrestler)
BKBackstroke (Swimming)
BKBundeskanzler (German: Federal Chancellor)
BKBad Karma
BKBelow Knee (amputation)
BKBikini Kill (band)
BKBritish Knights
BKBad Kid
BKBee's Knees
BKBlood Killer (gangs)
BKBlitzkreig (gaming)
BKBaten Kaitos (Gamecube game)
BKBible Knowledge
BKBee Keeper
BKBovine Kidney (cells)
BKBlade Knight (gaming)
BKBacille de Koch (French: tuberculosis bacteria)
BKBrüel & Kjær (Norcross, GA)
BKBullous Keratopathy
BKBakool (postal region, Somalia)
BKBishwakarma (surname of a so called low caste in Nepal)
BKBalli Kombëtar (National Front Party, Kosovo)
BKBattery Captain (British Army)
BKBul Kathos ring (Diablo II item)
BKBronzen Kruis (Dutch)
BKBrinkman-Kramers (approximation in ion-molecular collision quantum calculation)
BKBhagavan Krishna
BKBertha Kennedy Elementary School
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The Brooklyn Building Awards has become such an institution within the community and an inspiration to developers and architects alike," said Ofer Cohen, founder and president of TerraCRG.
Brooklyn Industries is a design company that sells innovative clothes exclusively through its 16 retail stores and online website.
The New York City Department of Education realized the potential for preservation arts in high school and commissioned the curriculum, assigning the new program to Brooklyn High School of the Arts.
So what we begin to see is that white capitalists consistently bypass Brooklyn.
The strength of Wilder's examination of the colonial period lies in his excellent depiction of Brooklyn as an essentially southern city, both culturally and socio-economically.
An abandoned post office building nearby will become the $65 million Brooklyn Commons project and create a canal-side family destination of a 22-screen cineplex and 260,000 square feet of retail and recreation space.
A Brooklyn Diner manager, Jennifer Gulland, insists however, that there's no Hershey's syrup used.
Other Brooklyn projects for which Hudson Realty Capital has provided either debt financing or an equity investment include:
1,300,000 in construction financing was negotiated by Jon Harrington for an eight story condominium building located on Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn once meant the Dodgers and the Brooklyn Heights home of the twin cousins on ``The Patty Duke Show.
Health Net Encourages Brooklyn Seniors to Take a Look at the Value of Ruby Plan