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Download a free trial and read more about BBj's Browser User Interface.
Use of the existing LMS browser user interface will offer existing Unisys clients an easy migration path to the new platform.
Napersoft CCM comes out-of-the box with automated quality assurance and quality review business processes and a browser user interface.
Combined with an improved browser user interface, the new framework makes it easy to deploy CiRBA to a broad range of user types; from system and audit administrators, to end users who may only view reports.
With an easy-to-navigate Web browser user interface, QNXT 3.
4 can be used with a Windows user interface, as well as a browser user interface.
The solution provides valuable information on long distance costs, mobile (cell) phone and calling card bills, trunk traffic through a web browser user interface.
Our staff has been incredibly receptive to the browser user interface, which brings the power and familiarity of Internet technology to their day-to-day operations while reducing our legacy communications costs.
0, I was up and running in a matter of minutes and the new browser user interface, dashboards and easy scheduling made it easy to monitor my most important information to ensure that our customers are finding the information they need as quickly as possible.
AEP's deployment is based on Energy's thin-client Browser User Interface (BUI), which is platform independent and runs on any standard browser, requiring no local installation of software.
All of the applications have HTE's new browser user interface, which makes them easy to learn and to use.
The Mimosa NearPoint architecture has key competitive advantages in terms of scalability, full data capture, zero agents on production systems, simple implementation, and seamless integration with standard mail and browser user interfaces.