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BDTQBrueckner (with) Double, Triple, and Quadruple (substitutions)
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Brueckner to chief executive officer of the Americas for Scor Global Life.
A better-informed case for the virtues of scifi has been made by two MIT Media Lab researchers Dan Novy and Sophia Brueckner, who developed a course entitled "Science Fiction to Science Fabrication," which the students have renamed "Pulp to Prototype.
Carole Brueckner, a tour guide and chair of the committee that oversees the chapel, has given hundreds of tours since the 1980s.
Keith A Brueckner, an early contributor to the evolution of inertial confinement fusion, passed away on September 19, 2014 at the age of 90.
Abbas Mooraj President TEXMAP said On behalf of the members of TEXMAP I would like to congratulate Mrs Regina Brueckner on her election as Chairperson of VDMA.
Our work shows that legacy mergers don't generate large fare effects," Brueckner said.
Those who believe, along with Brueckner, that content externalism has some "fairly nasty skeptical entailments" ask us to imagine, for example, a Twin Earth which is phenomenologically indistinguishable from Earth (that is, everything in it looks, feels, and so on, just like its Earthly counterpart), but which differs from Earth in that, instead of containing water, it contains twater.
Anthony Brueckner (University of California, Santa Barbara)
This book represents the fruits of a war that has been waged by Brueckner for the past twenty-five years against Cartesian skepticism.
It's extremely awkward," said Eugene resident Ashley Brueckner, 22, who was lying on her side getting a mermaid tattoo on her left thigh.
US) reproduce 28 papers by either or both, sometimes with others, published between 1967 and 2009 on nuclear many-body problems and the Brueckner G-matrix; low-momentum nucleon-nucleon interactions in a renormalization group approach; and Brown-Rho scaling in nuclei, nuclear matter, and neutron stars.