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BSODBlue Screen Of Death (Microsoft Windows stop error)
BSODBlack Screen of Death
BSODBlender Summer of Documentation (programming project)
BSODBusiness Services over DOCSIS (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification; telecommunications)
BSODBlack Stick of Death (clarinet)
BSODBiodiversity Species Observation Database (Alberta, Canada)
BSODBaby Stage of Development
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What were Sakyasri's relations with Tibet's own Buddhist traditions, according to Bsod nams dpal bzang po's text, and what kind of conclusions can be drawn from its narrative in this connection?
We saw above that Jackson concluded from his text that Bsod nams dpal bzang po was unsympathetic to the Bka' gdams pa and the gdan gcig pa, the precisians, (and Vibhuaticandra).
As for Vibhuticandra, Bsod nams dpal bzang po first introduces him as a member of Sakyasri's entourage and one of the so-called nine lesser pundits who accompanied him to Tibet.
20) om a chos kyi rgyal po zbal snga na la na mo om a bdag bsod rgyal gnang la na mo.
I am grateful to bSod nams dBang Idan and Shar rgyan dbang 'dus of the Tibet Museum and Ven.
39) But this is not possible inasmuch as his oeuvre contains inter alia a dedicatory inscription for a Maitreya statue commemorating the passing of 'Chi med rgyal mo, "Dga' bzhi pa's wife,"(40) a dedicatory prayer for the statuary of the "Bka' blon Zhabs pad [= Mi 'gyur bsod nams dpal 'byor] of the Rdo ring Dga' bhzi pa [family]," the text of which is dated 1827, and prayers for the "sons of Dga' bzhi pa [= Mi 'gyur bsod nams dpal 'byor], Sde pa Nyi ma lhun grub, and Tha'i ji Rdo rje tshe ring, and their mother Srid zhi'i nyi ma and sister Rin chen sgron ma.
62) Aside from Rgyal tshab and Mkhas grub, Dwags po Blo gros brtan pa (1402-78), another fifteenth century Dga' ldan pa writer, the seventh abbot of Dga' ldan monastery, a disciple of, especially, Rgyal tshab and a specialist in lam rim, also dealt with this issue in his Rnam 'grel gyi lam bsgrigs, as noted by Pan chen Bsod nams grags pa (1478-1554) in his study of Bka' gdams pa ecclesiastic history of 1529.
40) The "Dga' bzhi pa" in question must be the statesman and minister (bka' blon) Bsod nams bstan 'dzin dpal 'byor (1761-after 1809), who writes in his autobiography, in RDO(lh) 1084 [RDO(ch), 2: 1284], that the lady in question was his lcam chung, "junior wife," as opposed to Rnam rgyal sgrol ma, his lcam proper.
Presentations at a University of Chicago conference in September 1994 and a Motor Neuron Disease Association meeting in the Netherlands in November 1994 cited results of safety studies in monkeys, performed in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, and a clinical study that showed minimal decline in muscle function in a familial ALS patient while he received daily doses of bSOD into his cerebrospinal fluid.
6) It is this work that is cited in part by Bsod nams dpal bzang po and almost in full by Dpa' bo, albeit via yet to be determined [intermediaries.
The second colophon states that it was compiled by a Bsod nams rgyal ba in the course of a convocation held shortly after his passing.