BtMGBetäubungsmittelgesetz (German controlled substance law)
BTMGBusiness Transition Management Group Pty Ltd (Australia)
BTMGBig Thompson Medical Group, Inc (Colorado)
BTMGBulk Tank Milk Grader (dairy industry; Canada)
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WHEREAS, Because many patients tend to be loyal to their primary care physicians they trust, as well as to the specialists whose care they need, it could therefore be expected that such patients currently enrolled with the targeted CCHCA doctors may, following their doctor's resignation from CCHCA, move from Chinese Community Health Plan and enroll themselves (and their family members) into other health plans with which BTMG contracts; and,
WHEREAS, As BTMG further increases its market power by demanding exclusive affiliation of key physicians in the San Francisco market, it will become even more difficult for other medical practice associations, or independent physician practices, to be formed, grow or compete; and,
WHEREAS, The exclusive provider agreements BTMG is inducing San Francisco doctors to enter into threatens an unreasonable restraint of critical physician and hospital services in San Francisco and further threatens grave injury to the Chinese Community and general public of all the people of San Francisco; now, therefore, be it
BTMG has offered several financial incentives, including signing bonuses for physicians to resign CCHCA.
When CCHCA agreed to talk with BTMG to see how physicians could continue to serve the Chinese community while participating in BTMG, it was a surprise that BTMG continued to coerce CCHCA physicians to resign from CCHCA during these conversations.
Attorneys for Chinese Hospital, Chinese Community Health Plan and Chinese Community Health Care Association have advised that because BTMG holds a dominant position in the San Francisco Health Care market, they (BTMG) cannot legally insist on or obtain exclusive membership arrangements with Doctors.
These actions on behalf of BTMG have immediate effect on the health care of the Chinese community but also a major detrimental effect on the whole health care system which cares for the entire San Francisco Chinese population.
WHEREAS, The actions of BTMG, which threaten a loss of most of the CCHCA physicians and the potential inability of CCHP to continue to operate, would deprive the community of affordable, culturally competent care, and add to the burden of the County of San Francisco to care for these safety net patients; and,
WHEREAS, BTMG is demanding exclusivity which would prevent Chinese community physicians from participating in the Chinese Community Health Care Association (CCHCA), an independent physicians association (IPA) medical group that has been in existence since 1982; and,
WHEREAS, BTMG is by far the dominant independent physicians practice association in San Francisco, with approximately 1,500 affiliated physicians; and,
WHEREAS, BTMG controls healthcare for approximately 190,000 HMO patient lives in the San Francisco market, with an additional 30,000-40,000 preferred provider organization (PPO) patients; and,
WHEREAS, BTMG thus controls close to 80 percent of the non-Kaiser managed care market in San Francisco, whether measured by doctors or patients; and,