BuRecUS Bureau of Reclamation
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The BuRec will tell you that the NEPA documents that bound them authorized three, and only three, minimum flow scenarios.
The BuRec will tell you that they have subsequently worked with all concerned parties to change the documents, to create a dedicated pool of water to be managed in the interests of the fishery so that such a disastrous minimum flow will never occur again.
In the weeks before this occurred, word reached the angling community that the BuRec was considering critically low flows.
Near the beginning of the resulting collaborative process, the head of the project office of the BuRec responsible for making the minimum-flow decision made a request during a public meeting.
During that same public meeting, another argument in favor of allowing low flows surfaced: Nobody really knows how badly this low flow will affect the fishery, the BuRec argued.
The more cynical of us say that while all of this was going on, the BuRec had the fight of its life on its hands.
CVP irrigators would experience further increases in average fixed costs if BUREC water subsidies were eliminated.
The model is applied to evaluate the impact on farm profits that results from eliminating BUREC water cost subsidies.
WAPA power customers subsidize irrigation capital debts that BUREC believes are beyond the irrigators' ability to pay; the subsidy is paid from WAPA's general power revenues.
Federal irrigation water is further subsidized by the absence of interest charges on BUREC capital debt, including the portion involving irrigation aid.
Eliminating BUREC water subsidies also could motivate growers to use more efficient irrigation systems.
Average base surface-water fee [Mathematical Expression Omitted]: BUREC (1997a), AEWSD (1997), and telephone survey.