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BuZaBuitenlandse Zaken (Dutch: Foreign Affairs)
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Procurement Design - Provisional Preparatory Work (Access Road and Box), Drilling and Production Sample Wells 3 and 7 Buza Nord Nord Buza the Probe 3 Has the Character of Explorare- Lip Opening and Is Part of the Minimum 2015 Exploration Works Developed By the Division Exploration - Production.
Shyamesh Kumar*, Joram Buza, Bindu Nanduri, Shane C.
My Aunt Buza greeted me half-solicitous, half-surprised.
Against family wishes, she has become close to the black staff, especially to Buza, the elderly Zulu warrior who now stands guard at the estate gates in the evenings.
Buza, The State of Necessity in International Law, 1 ACTA JURIDICA ACADEMIAE SCIENT1ARUM HUNGARICA 205 (1959).
When Lejla Buza, a research student at the Australian National University, teamed up with Young and colleague Dr Peter Thrall to study the rare pea, they found that genetic variation was indeed reduced in smaller populations, a process known as genetic erosion.
Development of a similar system for infants has been attempted (Blume, Buza, & Okazaki, 1974).
Neither of the team's singles players got a point in theior oppening matches, David Chevasco losing 15-0, 15-0 in 20 minutes and Elizabeth Buza bowing out 11-0, 11-0 in just ten minutes.
Buza, "'Pledges of Our Love': Friendship, Love, and Marriage Among the Virginia Gentry, 1800-1825," in The Edge of the South: Life in Nineteenth Century Virginia, eds.
Tenders are invited for Services of Supervision of installation of Intruder Detection System (IDS) at Weapon storage Rabic Derventa and Weapon storage Teufik Buza Tufo Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.