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Bubble tea is the name given to a wide variety of refreshing flavoured fruit teas and milk teas, served ice cold or piping hot, with cherry natural tapioca balls that you suck up through a big fat straw.
Bubble tea is a tea--or milk based--drink featuring tapioca, a starch derived from cassava root.
The company website informs us that the 'bubble' in bubble tea is often mistaken to mean the tapioca (also known as boba) in Chatime drinks but it actually refers to the frothy bubbles produced when the drink has been hand-shaken.
There's hardly a corner of any town or city without its bubble tea shop -- like pharmacies and coffee shops, they're cropping up everywhere.
Sharetea is famous for its authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, especially the milk tea series.
Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese drink that combines healthy tea with a mixture of either milky or fruity flavours or chewy Tapioca pearls to create a unique beverage.
and serves more than 100 teas, tea lattes and chai, bubble tea and house-brewed Brew Dr.
Several of the items on the Japanese gourmets' must-try list, including rice noodles, hotpots and bubble tea with tapioca balls, have all been mentioned as items possibly affected by the banned ingredient, Ko explained.
While Awad is well-travelled, her first time trying bubble tea a year ago was not in Asia, but Austria.
The affected products include flat rice noodles, rice cakes, tofu puddings, dumplings, and tapioca balls used to make Taiwan's popular "pearl" bubble tea.
CEO of Alchemist Foods, has now brought the Taiwanese bubble tea brand