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BCWSBudgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
BCWSBurgundy Center for Wildlife Studies (Alexandria, VA)
BCWSBest Cars Web Site (Brazil)
BCWSBrigante, Cameron, Watters & Strong LLP (Torrance, CA)
BCWSBoosted Cold Water Service (building services)
BCWSBattlespace Commanders Work Station
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Cumulative earned value charts with stratification of the actual cost of work performed and its related performance metric plotted against the budgeted cost of work scheduled provide, at a glance, an acuity reference of the project's health.
Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS): This is the amount we expected to spend to date.
Article Acronyms ACWP - Actual Cost of Work Performed BAC - Budget at Completion BCWP - Budgeted Cost of Work Performed BCWS - Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled CAP - Control Account Plan CPI - Cost Performance Index CV - Cost Variance DoD - Department of Defense EAC - Estimate at Completion EVM - Earned Value Management PBL - Performance Based Logistics SPI - Schedule Performance Index SV - Schedule Variance