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According to Slavcheva, there are 850 Bulgarian communities around the world with which the agency keeps in touch.
The process of integration of cultures including the Bulgarian culture and mutual enrichment of different cultures is very intensive in Kazakhstan," she resumed.
To put it mildly, it is incomprehensible to give foreign citizens the responsibility of protecting the fundamental Bulgarian patriotic values," Tsonev says.
The service was attended by dignitaries of both churches, including the Bulgarian Prime Minister, who coincidentally was there on an official visit to Italy.
As to the discharge, the Bulgarian Army was responsible for the transportation, staging and loading of all cargo from the dock onto the vessel.
The total number of fatalities is eight and they have all been passengers on the Bulgarian bus, which is owned by the Haskovo-based transport company Magi Tour.
The Ukrainian authorities announced earlier that both Bulgarian drivers have been killed in the crash.
According to Kontrax, a leading Bulgarian value-added reseller and Lucent's partner in the implementation of this network, Lucent was selected because of its strong VPN and LMF solution combined with excellent network switch monitoring (SMON) capability on not only the voice but also the data side.
It has been also confirmed that both Bulgarian drivers on the bus with Bulgarian license plates are among the fatalities.
AMEX:CFW), a leading global provider of software solutions for business and finance, announced today that in the first quarter of 1999 it signed a contract for the automation of the financial systems of Bulgarian Railways.
Bulgarians in Hungary have asked President, Rosen Plevneliev, to have the State assist them to reopen the Bulgarian school in Budapest.
Bulgarians in Chicago will rally at 1 pm local time before the Bulgarian center "Rodina" at N.
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