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In its current state, the Bulgarian Cultural House does not meet the requirements for a multifunctional cultural center and needs renovation, the government said.
The process of integration of cultures including the Bulgarian culture and mutual enrichment of different cultures is very intensive in Kazakhstan," she resumed.
To put it mildly, it is incomprehensible to give foreign citizens the responsibility of protecting the fundamental Bulgarian patriotic values," Tsonev says.
The General Framework Agreement defines the scope of cooperation between IBM and the Bulgarian government and ways to encourage industry, universities and the Bulgarian Academy of Science to work together in the field of nanoscience.
The service was attended by dignitaries of both churches, including the Bulgarian Prime Minister, who coincidentally was there on an official visit to Italy.
As to the discharge, the Bulgarian Army was responsible for the transportation, staging and loading of all cargo from the dock onto the vessel.
Today, Bulgarian and American diplomats serve side-by-side on the United Nations Security Council in New York.
On 31 October the two will open a Bulgarian consular office in the town of Taraclia.
Results from a recent survey on emigration attitudes in Bulgaria entitled the Bulgarian Diaspora in Western Europe; trans-border mobility, national identity and development, conducted by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), may make for disquieting reading for those concerned about a prospective brain drain from Bulgaria.
An increased interest from Bulgarian investors in the Macedonia stock market is expected following the latest rules of trade and the platform for electronic trade introduced a few days ago.
The Holy Father will probably come in May, but the Vatican has not yet confirmed it officially," said Archbishop Antonio Menini, following a meeting in Sofia, the capital, with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passi on Wednesday.
The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Report offers an extensive summary of the Bulgarian pharmaceutical sector.
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