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BGHBe Good Humans
BGHBundesgerichtshof (German federal supreme court)
BGHBovine Growth Hormone
BGHBuffalo General Hospital (Buffalo, NY)
BGHBrockville General Hospital (Brockville, ON, Canada)
BGHBig Game Hunters (Starcraft gaming map)
BGHBonne Gestion Environnementale en Hôtellerie (French: Good Environmental Hotel Management)
BGHBiobanques et Bases de Données de Recherche en Génétique Humaine (French: Biobanks and Databases for Research in Human Genetics)
BGHBasal Ganglia Hyperintensity
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Prerequisite to a discussion of the 1952 holding of the Bundesgerichtshof is an understanding of the two terms that German law uses for the English word "law.
This conclusion was reached by the Bundesgerichtshof in a seminal German case (77) that held that the explosion of a glass bottle containing mineral water does not fall within the scope of the development risk exemption, as such risk is known to producers.
2013) (quoting Bundesgerichtshof [BGH] May 31, 1990, 37 Entscheidungen DES Bundesgerichtshofes In Strafsachen [BGHST] 48 (Ger.
Yet, the case law of the German Bundesgerichtshof suggests that the Court accords considerable importance to the uncertainty requirement.
19, 2007, I ZR 35/04, 2007; Bundesgerichtshof [BGH]
123) For an explanation, see Justice in the Name of All, Die Praktische Anwendung des VOlkerstrafgesetzbuchs aus der Sicht des Generalbundesanwalts Beim Bundesgerichtshof 2 ZEITSCHRIFT FUR INTERNATIONALE STRAFRECHTSDOGMATIK 507, 511 (2007).
Bundesgerichtshof, Decision of 8 April 1976, [1976] Wertpapiermitteilungen 1158.
See STAUDINGER, supra note 218, at 53 (quoting Beckmann); Bundesgerichtshof [BGH] [Federal Court of Justice] Dec.
See Bundesgerichtshof [BGH] [Federal Court of Justice] May 27, 2003, NEUE JURISTISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT [NJW] 2912, 2003 (Ger.
Paefgen, supra note 190, at 893-94 (citing Bundesgerichtshof [Federal Court of Justice] [BGH], Nov.
the court announced in Bundesgerichtshof, is whether the judgment
In 1968 the Bundesgerichtshof permitted partnerships between Rechtsanwalte and other professions.
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