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BPBeyond Petroleum (formerly British Petroleum)
BPBlood Pressure (medical)
BPBoiling Point
BPBlocking Probability (telephony)
BPBarometric Pressure
BPBasis Point (finance; 0.01%)
BPBritish Petroleum (oil company)
BPBrown Pride
BPBinding Protein
BPBorder Patrol (US)
BPBudapest (Hungary)
BPBusiness Plan
BPBusiness Partner
BPBrad Pitt (actor)
BPBlock Party
BPOur Party (Turkish Cypriot Area)
BPBits and Pieces
BPBipolar Disorder
BPBritish Pound
BPBusiness Park
BPBest Practice
BPBullet Proof
BPSolomon Islands
BPBuying Power (finance)
BPBlack Power
BPBeautiful People
BPBusiness Professional
BPBoard Policy
BPBeer Pong
BPBanque Populaire (French bank)
BPBelief Propagation (decoding)
BPBullpen (baseball)
BPBachelor Party
BPBoat People (people escaping Vietnam by boat after 1975)
BPBoston Pizza (Canada)
BPBlack Powder
BPBusiness Practice
BPBusiness and Professional
BPBrad Paisley (country music artist)
BPBlack Panthers
BPBlack Pearl
BPBorderline Personality
BPBlue Peter (UK TV show)
BPBharat Petroleum
BPBoîte Postale (French: Postal Box)
BPBrowse Product
BPBig Planet (national ISP)
BPBreastplate (armor)
BPBefore Present
BPBullpup (weapon)
BPBande Passante (French: Bandwidth)
BPBell's Palsy (aka Acute Idiopathic Facial Palsy)
BPBolivar Peninsula (near Galveston Island, TX, USA)
BPBritish Pharmacopoeia (medicinal standards collection; UK)
BPBlister Pack
BPBorland Pascal (successor to Borland Turbo Pascal)
BPBuilding Partnerships
BPBudget Project
BPBeyond Pesticides
BPBullous Pemphigoid (skin disease)
BPBundespolizei (German: federal police)
BPBase Pointer
BPBig Pun (rapper)
BPBayernpartei (German Party)
BPBrass Plum (company/division of Nordstrom)
BPBuild Plan
BPBlowpipe (old anti-aircraft weapon)
BPBinding Post
BPBearing Point
BPBundespost (German postal service)
BPBooster Pump
BPBudget Program
BPBritish Patent
BPBest Papers
BPBlack Plate (steel)
BPBrake Power
BPBill of Particulars
BPBenny Parsons (former Nascar Driver)
BPBurst Pressure
BPBollard Pull
BPBuilding Paper (construction)
BPBill Period
BPBattle Position
BPBehavioral Psychologist
BPBubble Project
BPBatas Pambansa (National Law, Philippines)
BPBowel Program (medical)
BPBrilliant Pebbles
BPBoundary Point
BPBritish Primary (school)
BPBlocking Position
BPBills Payable
BPBiological Processing
BPBrutal Planet (music album)
BPBillpoint (payment method)
BPBrioche Pasquier (French baked goods company)
BPBootstrap Probability
BPBloque Popular (Spanish: Popular Bloc, Honduras)
BPBoost Pump
BPBooklet Pane (philately)
BPBlade Pro
BPBuddyProfile (AIM chat)
BPBoogiepop Phantom (anime)
BPBeginning Period
BPBuried Penis
BPBoundary Post (UK maps)
BPBronze Point (bullet type)
BPBritish Pathé
BPBermuda Plan (accommodation)
BPBlood Point (RPG Vampire the Masquerade, produced by White-Wolf)
BPAir Botswana Corporation (IATA airline code)
BPBow Pulpit (nautical measure)
BPBlock Parity
BPBreak-Up Point
BPBonum Publicum (Latin: the Public Good)
BPBeef Palace (National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO)
BPBilling Percentage
BPBattlefield Position
BPBreaching Point
BPBonding Protocol (ISDN)
BPBorrowed Personnel
BPBrown-Proschan (repair model)
BPBase/Basic Pay
BPBinary Phoenix (website)
BPBatch Prep (program utility)
BPBucket Processing (image processing)
BPBaloola Palooza (entertainment news website)
BPBuginesia Program
BPBase Pair (nucleic acids)
BPBaseline Plan
BPBackpack (gaming)
BPBanjo Pilot (game)
BPBase Page
BPBase Point
BPBack Pressure
BPBack Projection
BPBad Payer
BPBad Publicity
BPBaden-Powell (founder of the boy scout movement)
BPBatch Processing
BPBatting Practice
BPBattle Planning
BPBackward Process
BPBallet Philippines
BPBadge Points (gaming)
BPBaptist Press
BPBarber Pole
BPBand Practice
BPBase Power (gaming)
BPBall Python (herpetoculture)
BPBasso Profundo (music)
BPBack Propagation
BPBaseball Prospectus
BPBryant Park (New York)
BPBandwidth Protection
BPBack Pocket (Australian football position)
BPBanque Paribas
BPBack Pack
BPBackup Path
BPBanco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank)
BPBattery Pack
BPBacterial Production
BPBase Plate
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Optional provision, operation and maintenance of a wide area network (WAN) for data transmission at locations of the Deutsche Bundespost and post-successor companies (bax) as well as provision, monitoring and interference suppression of access technology to the WAN.
In Germany, the issue of potential distortions by municipal actors in the competitive landscape is addressed by Article 87f (2) of the German constitution, the Grundgesetz, which rules that telecommunication is to be provided as a privately run business either by Deutsche Telekom, the successor of the former public Deutsche Bundespost, or other private companies.
Shortly before that the CNET teams (National Centre for the Study of Telecommunications) and their counterpart Deutsche Bundespost Telekom, working on a special panel on mobiles, had set the digital standard for so-called second generation mobiles.
The West German mail service, by contrast, was the "Deutsche Bundespost.
The German mail authority Deutsche Bundespost was privatized in 1995, and now maintains only a few post offices of its own, including one in the German Parliament Building.
Case 152/73 Sotgiu v Deutsche Bundespost [1974] ECR 153, par.
O ponto central da referida "Primeira Reforma Postal" cingiu-se a separacao das atividades politicas em relacao as atividades empresariais e operacionais do "Servico Federal Postal Alemao", ficando as primeiras a mando do "Ministerio dos Correios e das Telecomunicacoes" (Bundesministerium fur Post und Telekommunikation--BMPT) e as ultimas a cargo do "Servico Federal Postal Alemao", transformado, pela lei, em tres empresas publicas: "Servico Federal Postal Alemao--Servico Postal" (Deutsche Bundespost POSTDIENST), "Servico Federal Postal Alemao Banco Postal" (Deutsche Bundespost POSTBANK) e "Servico Federal Postal Alemao--Telecomunicacoes" (Deutsche Bundespost TELEKOM).
Not surprisingly, the Bundespost has creamed off millions of high revenue business post from The Royal Mail.
The Federal Ministry for Postal Services and Telecommunications (Bundesministerium fur Post und Fernmeldewesen) combined political and regulatory powers with entrepreneurial tasks o f service provision, while the operational activities were performed by the Deutsche Bundespost, and protected by extensive monopoly rights.
and an alliance of Sprint, France Telecom, and Deutsche Bundespost Telekom has a similar objective.
See, also for the following, Kurt Wiesemeyer, "Die wichtigsten Aufgaben im Personalwesen der Post seit 1945," Jahrbuch des Postwesens 6 (1955/56); Kurt Wiesemeyer, "Die Personalverhaltnisse der Deutschen Bundespost," Jahrbuch des Postwesens 10 (1960); "Unterbringungsverfahren der Deutschen Bundesbahn," Hinweisblatt der Bundesausgleichsstelle (hereafter cited as: Hinweisblatt) 1 (No.
One of the first public switched broadband networks (140 Mb/s) was established in West Germany by the Deutsche Bundespost Telekom in 1989.
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