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BTBritish Telecommunications
BTBlueTooth (wireless personal area networking technology)
BTNorthern Ireland (postcode, United Kingdom)
BTBitTorrent (file swarming program)
BTBalance Transfer
BTBreakfast Television (Atlantic Canada Newsmagazine)
BTBusiness Transformation
BTBusiness Times
BTBroader Term (lexicography)
BTBaghdad Time (GMT+0200)
BTBattle Tested (paintball)
BTBasic Training
BTBacillus Thuringiensis
BTBilly Talent (band)
BTBattletech (roleplaying game)
BTBoat Tail
BTBundestag (German Parliament)
BTBoston Terrier (canine breed)
BTBotosani (Romania county)
BTBreak Through
BTBehavior Therapy
BTBlood Test
BTBoard of Trade
BTBerlingske Tidende (Denmark newspaper)
BTBallistic Tip
BTBad Taste (movie)
BTBooker T (pro wrestler)
BTBankers Trust
BTBlood Transfusion
BTBassa Tensione (Italian: Low Voltage)
BTBaja Tensión (Spanish: Low Voltage)
BTBrown Thomas (Irish department store)
BTBlack Temple (World of Warcraft)
BTBreak Time
BTBaby Talk (magazine)
BTBig Ticket
BTBrian Transeau (DJ/producer/composer)
BTBrain Teaser
BTBlood Type
BTBlock Type
BTBusiness Telecommunications
BTBrevet de Technicien (French)
BTBandwidth Time (Bluetooth)
BTBiological Terrorism
BTByte This
BTBjørn Tore (Norwegian artist)
BTBit Test
BTBleeding Time (test of blood)
BTBoys Town
BTOverseas Trade (British archival material; Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
BTBolt Thrower (band)
BTBlack Tower (game)
BTBanjo Tooie (video game)
BTBlock Transfer
BTBasic Technology
BTBlack Tiger (shrimp)
BTBegin Text
BTBurn Time
BTBullet Time (game)
BTBismaleimide Triazine (resin used in chips and circuit boards)
BTBurst Tolerance
BTBombay Times (India)
BTBlast Theory (band)
BTBinary Translation
BTBlack Thorn (game)
BTBattletoads (video game)
BTBudget Estimate
BTBig Typhoon (CPU cooler)
BTBeta Tau
BTBorderline Tuberculoid (leprosy)
BTBlalock-Taussig Shunt (also seen as B-T)
BTBeginning of Tape
BTBlue Tetrazolium (chemistry)
BTBench Trial
BTBruce Trail (Ontario)
BTBlack Templars (Space Marine Chapter, gaming)
BTBishops' Transcripts
BTBilgisayarli tomografi (Turkish: computerized tomography)
BTBoiler Technician (US Navy Rating)
BTbutorphanol tartrate (nasal spray)
BTBall-Turret Gunner
BTBillion Tonne
BTBaggage Tag
BTBrown Town
BTBamboo Tree
BTBomb Technician
BTBulb Thermometer
BTBlair-Taylor (Wisconsin school district)
BTBloodthirster (gaming)
BTBreak Track
BTBering Time (GMT-1100)
BTBlack Tapestries (webcomic)
BTBattalion Training
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BTBad Temperament (referring to pet personality)
BTBefore Tendulkar (India, sports)
BT(USN Rating) Boiler Technician
BTBeginning of Transmission
BTBasis Traffic
BTBotulism Toxoid
BTBlock Termination
BTBaal T'Shuvah (Jewish religion)
BTBottle Toke
BTBloomington Public Transportation Corporation
BTBanco de los Trabajadores (Guatemalan bank)
BTBottom of Tape
BTBuilders Trials
BTBattalion Terminal
BTBehavioral Taxonomy
BTBashkia E Tiranës (Albanian: Tirana municipality)
BTBaron Technology (New Haven, Connecticut)
BTBacterial Translocation
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The souvenirs are meant to help boost recognition of the Bundestag as a trademark.
Wohrl is accompanied by the Vice President of the German Bundestag Ms.
Norbert Lammert, President of the German Bundestag and his accompanying delegation visited today the German University of Technology (GUTECH).
He underlined that the goal of both reports is to convince the EU Council that Serbia deserves to start negotiations on EU accession in June this year and thanked members of the Bundestag for the invitation.
The Bahrain Medical Society (BMS) members welcomed at its headquarters in Juffair the German Ambassador Sabine Taufmann, who was accompanied by elected members of the German Bundestag (German parliament) and members of the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU).
The delegation said that their visit aims to introduce a newly-approved program by the Bundestag to host youth from all over the world to have a first-hand look at the German democratic and parliamentary experience.
Earlier in the day, President Gul walked to the Brandenburg Gate from the German National Parliament, or Bundestag, and met with the Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit.
The government in Berlin plans to put the Macedonia-Greece name issue on the agenda for debate at the Bundestag.
Brown also says black Germans are not educated enough to sit in the Bundestag, the German parliament, even though students sit in the Bundestag.
During his address to the German Bundestag last month, President Bush described the EU as a "house of freedom -- its doors open to all of Europe's people, its windows looking out to global challenges beyond.
On 16 November 2001, the German Bundestag passed a resolution (with 336 votes) in favor of deploying German armed forces in the UN-mandated fight against international terrorism; this was simultaneously a vote of confidence in the Federal Chancellor.
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