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YYahoo! (Internet search engine)
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YIncome (economics)
YEconomy (class airfare)
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YY Chromosome
YBundeswehr (German Armed Forces; number plate)
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YYotta- (prefix, 10^24 or septillion)
yYocto (prefix for one septillionth, 10^ -24)
YMale Chromosome
YYukon Standard Time
Ysearch and rescue unit (SRU) error (US DoD)
YUS DoT tire speed rating (188 mph)
YVertical axis in Cartesian coordinate system
YNavigational error of search craft
YPrototype Aircraft Designation
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Prior information notice without call for competition: One combination device Positron Emission Tomograph (PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRT) in hybrid construction for the Bundeswehr Central Hospital Koblenz and the Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm.
The Bundeswehr (unified armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany) has been using the SERPA since 2009.
The Innere Fuehrung with its corollary of "citizen in uniform" greatly contributed to the fact that the Bundeswehr became not only a self-evident part of our society but also a reliable instrument of German security policies.
In 2009, the Bundeswehr (or German Federal Defense Force) Military Police and Headquarters Service School moved from Sonthofen, Germany, to newly renovated and modernized barracks in Hannover.
Central Institute of the Bundeswehr Medical Service, Koblenz, Germany; ([dagger]) Bundeswehr Medical Office, Munich, Germany; and ([double dagger]) Balkh Province Leishmaniasis Center, Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan
This purchase will enhance the software defined radio capabilities within the Bundeswehr and equip WTD 81 with a high performance hardware platform integrated with the necessary software and waveform development tools to support the Software Communications Architecture (SCA).
Tenders are invited for Satellite broadcasting of the Bundeswehr TV from 01.
Contract award notice: 1/biud/w0043 lieferung von strom ber rlm-abnahmestellen fr die liegenschaften der bundeswehr in der bundesrepublik deutschland mit ausnahme der liegenschaften des bmvg am 1.
Framework agreement for the building and glass surface cleaning in Bundeswehr location area Wurster Nordseekste.
Contract notice: Treaty on the glass and building cleaning in property of the bundeswehr in weissenfels and naumburg.
Contract notice: Features of the big band of the bundeswehr with stage, audio, lighting and multimedia technology".
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