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BurgBurgundian (linguistics)
BURGBarne- og Ungdomsrevmatikergruppe (Norwegian Rheumatism Children and Youth Association)
BURGBicycle User Research Group (UK)
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Burg serves as a member of the boards of Energy Insurance Mutual, KeyBank - Akron District, Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited, Regional Business Council, Akron Tomorrow, Cleveland Tomorrow, Akron Children's Hospital Foundation and is the chairman of the Summit County Chapter of the American Red Cross.
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Avrum Burg was the youngest speaker ever in the history of the Israeli Knesset and a staunch supporter of peace in the Middle East.
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Erik van der Burg and Mike Dineen are former members of both Sprout Group and Three Arch Partners' Entrepreneur-in-Residence programs.
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It's a concept whose time has come, says Barbara Burg, the Charlotte woman who combined passions for dogs and cooking into Barbara's Canine Catering.
In addition to Fran Tarkenton, the Extreme Business Makeovers Seminar features Bob Burg, John Di Lemme, Stephanie Frank, Christopher Guerriero, Cameron Johnson, Drew Miles, Bob Proctor, Thom Scott, Bo Short and emcee, Al Walker.
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