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BURGBarne- og Ungdomsrevmatikergruppe (Norwegian Rheumatism Children and Youth Association)
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The subsequent 435 pages (the remainder of volume 1) contain exhaustive descriptions of the artefacts belonging roughly to the Burgundian period found in this area.
It is based on historical events during the period of the Germanic migration that accompanied the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire: chiefly, the defeat of a Germanic tribe, the Burgundians, by a coalition of Huns and Romans around the year 436.
Consistent with interpretations that emphasize the importance of regional and rural agendas from France's Third Republic through Vichy's National Revolution and into the late twentieth century, my analysis of Burgundian regionalism examines how resuscitated or newly created "traditions" served to link regional interests to a French national political identity (Faure 1989).
In the county of Flanders the late medieval period was an era of important social mobility among the dominant classes, as a result of the formation process of the Burgundian state.
Nevertheless, the Burgundian example of a large and relatively well-endowed body of musicians exerted great influence throughout the period, particularly those rulers most immediately under the Burgundian spell like Charles V (1526-1566) and Philip II (1566-1598).
Instead, there are three distinct brands, Yosemite View from vineyards in the Sierra Foothills, Cru Monterey of Burgundian varietals (pinot noir and chardonnay) from select Monterey County grapes and Carmichael Vintners.
The marine influence off the Pacific cools so well it makes most of this area top-rate for the Burgundian grapes of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
The Taste of Burgundy tour in France offers visitors the chance to explore the sights of Dijon and Burgundian Cte d'or.
Burgundian wine brand Blason de Bourgogne has launched the first two wines in its minis range.
The stovetop-safe cookware line, made of Burgundian clay, is billed as a lightweight alternative to enameled cast iron in the campaign, which kicks off this fall.
The Armed Man was composed for the Millennium and it emulates some of the greatest choral compositions of the Renaissance, when countless composers produced mass cycles based on the Burgundian melody L'Homme Arme.
Patapan: Traditional Burgundian Carol (w/CD), edited by Michael Story.