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BUSEBindura University of Science Education (Bindura, Zimbabwe)
BUSEBuenos Aires Stock Exchange
BUSEBlood Urea and Serum Electrolyte
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LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada said that six buses of Cianzar Transport Services carrying students were scheduled to leave Friday noon, but an inspection revealed the buses were not granted franchise.
Twenty buses, brought by Cinar Trans LLC, fully meet the requirements of the Baku Transport Agency's regulatory documents.
According to media reports, two buses collided with each other on highway near Uch Sharif on Monday.
The new buses will add to the fleet of the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) to cope with the growing school transport activity.
According to sources, the Metro bus administration is allegedly violating the agreement and obtaining subsidy on 67 buses as all the buses are not running on the tracks.
Procurement of standard city buses (12 m and 18 m), low-floor solo buses and low-entry solo buses 9 m to 15 m, Niederflurgelenk- or low-floor double-articulated buses 18 m-25 m, mini, midi and high-floor city buses, hybrid buses for use in city traffic, etc.
TRANSPORT minister Arvinder Singh Lovely never tires of talking about the Blueline buses in posthumous terms and how the demise of the fleet, which became notorious for reckless driving, would make the city roads safer.
The provincial Delhi government is ready with plans to replace the Blueline buses, which are being phased out from the city roads, with the orange and purple lowfloor buses owned by the Starbus company.
Six buses are deployed on this route to provide shuttle services from Saturday to Thursday, and the number of buses will be four on Fridays and holidays, at 10 minutes headway.
operates 235 hybrid electric articulated buses in its fleet of 1400 standard and articulated buses, trolley buses and streetcars that service the 2134 sq.
Tom Plenys, a CCA research and policy manager, says, "Due to a child's developing body and lungs, narrower airways, faster metabolism and faster-than-adult breathing rate, children riding our buses are the most susceptible to the hazards of diesel exhaust.
As part of the federal consent decree, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was forced to purchase 200 new Rapid buses last year.