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BCBritish Columbia
BCBefore Christ
BCBoston College (Boston, MA)
BCBank of Canada
BCBecause (chat)
BCBirth Control
BCBattle Creek (Michigan city)
BCBe Careful
BCBreast Cancer
BCBeaver Creek (Colorado)
BCPatches (METAR descriptor)
BCBirth Certificate
BCBoot Camp
BCBusiness Card
BCBay City (Michigan)
BCBuilding Code
BCBoard Certified
BCBook Club
BCBrooklyn College
BCBotswana (African nation)
BCBeach Club (Disney Resort)
BCBig Country (band)
BCBlack Cat
BCBritish Council
BCBusiness Consulting
BCBattery Charger
BCBar Code
BCBaja California (Mexican state)
BCBoston Common (Boston, MA)
BCBack Cover
BCBill Clinton
BCBayonet Cap (type of cap on electric light bulb)
BCBlack Cherry
BCBusiness Continuity
BCBurning Crusade (gaming; World of Warcraft)
BCBrunswick Corporation (Lake Forest, IL)
BCBlue Chip
BCBanco Central (República Dominicana)
BCBorder Collie (dog breed)
BCBuilding and Construction (various organizations)
BCBritish Commonwealth
BCBoston Celtics (basketball team)
BCBergen County (New Jersey)
BCBlue Cheese
BCBlack Carbon
BCBody Count
BCBanco Central (Brazil)
BCBridgewater College (Virginia)
BCBackward Compatibility (Sony)
BCBetty Crocker
BCBill Cosby
BCBethel College (North Newton, KS)
BCBeavercreek (Ohio)
BCBeco (Portuguese: alley; postal use)
BCBorland C (programing language)
BCBeauty Contest
BCBenton County (various locations)
BCBasket Case
BCBus Controller
BCBradley Center (Milwaukee, WI)
BCBig Cheese
BCBooty Call (movie)
BCBenedictine College
BCBase Curve (contact lens fitting term)
BCBritish Colonies
BCBomber Command
BCBenedict College
BCBlood Culture
BcBella Center (Danish railway station)
BCBuoyancy Compensator (SCUBA)
BCBabson College
BCBala Cynwyd
BCBlack Crows (band)
BCBest Condition (horse racing award)
BCBallistic Coefficient
BCBinary Code
BCBureau of the Census
BCBerea College (Berea, Kentucky)
BCBattalion Chief (fire departments)
BCBilly Currington (country music artist)
BCBluefield College (Virginia)
BCBearer Capability (Sprint)
BCBenton City (Washington)
BCBusiness Correspondence
BCBerry College (Mount Berry, Georgia)
BCBefore Columbus
BCBeloit College
BCBasso Continuo (Bassline/accompaniment in Baroque music)
BCButt Crack
BCBattle Cruiser (Starcraft)
BCBrew Crew
BCBat Country (song)
BCBacolod City
BCBad Character
BCBest Cost
BCBattle Command
BCBattalion Commander
BCBull Crap
BCBirkbeck College (UK)
BCBrazosport College (junior college; Lake Jackson, TX)
BCBicep Curls (exercise)
BCBefore Children
BCBarrie Colts (Canadian hockey team)
BCBlue Crew
BCBinary Compatibility
BCBlock Check (Sprint)
BCBefore Computers
BCBasic Control
BCBone Conduction
BCBlue's Clues (TV show)
BCBattalion Commander (military)
BCBlack Consciousness
BCBinary Counter
BcCommitted Burst Size
BCBolt Circle
BCBasic Call
BCBack Course (navigation; aviation)
BCBusiness Correspondent (Indian banking sector)
BCBacon Cheeseburger
BCBerlin Crime (German band)
BCBlind Copy
BCBahnCard (German railway ticket)
BCBrooks College
BCBiblioteca de Catalunya (Spanish: Library of Catalunya)
BCBlessed Child
BCBattery Commander
BCBenton Central (High School)
BCBlock Counter
BCBus Card
BCBrowncoat (Firefly TV series)
BCBarron County (Wisconsin)
BCBackward Class
BCBasic Check (UK)
BCBiometric Consortium
BCBroadcast Control
BCBeta Cam
BCBus Connector
BCBefore Contract
BCBeverly Crusher (Star Trek character)
BCBase Charge
BCBowman's Capsule
BCBlocked Call
BCBase Communications
BCBearer Channel
BCBlood Castle (gaming)
BCBudget Code
BCBus Coupler
BCBuried Channel
BCBarrel Connector
BCBottom Current (US DoD)
BCBack Connected (junction box)
BCBurroughs Corporation
BCBench Check
BCBreaking Capacity
BCBack Crawl (swimming)
BCBleu Ciel (French)
BCBanco de Comercio (Spanish; Guatemala bank)
BCBudgetary Cost
BCBaghdad College
BCBallston Common (mall in Arlington, VA)
BCBank for Cooperatives
BCBoston Crusaders (drum corp)
BCBank Controller
BCBiocomposites Centre
BCBolted Cover
BCBread for the City (Washington, DC)
BCBefore Comedy
BCBorn Crazy (gaming clan)
BCBranch on Condition (IBM)
BCBurger Continental
BCBurstCopy (software; BurstCopy Labs)
BCBottom Contour Chart
BCBuried Collector
BCBurst Committed (Sprint)
BCBefore Crowning (fictional, Dungeons & Dragons)
BCBangor Commercial
BCBit Contiguous
BCBlam Club
BCBeginning Climb
BCBirka Cargo
BCBuying Climax (Wyckoff Trading Theory)
BCBunched Cables
BCBattlespace Characterization
BCBranch Chief, National Staff
BCBurst Coherent (Model)
BCBoolean Coverage
BCBefore the Common Time
BCBegin Horizontal Curve (construction)
BCBypass Coordinator
BCBasewell-Channel region (semiconductors)
BCBundling Constraint
BCBilling Cease (date)
BCBourse pour Conférences (French: Stock Exchange for Conferences)
BCBase Camp(ing) (gaming)
BCBlack Cartridge (ink)
BCBoundary Condition
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The Bush-Cheney '04 campaign and other GOP efforts were highly dependent on grass-roots efforts of volunteers.
Reed, now a top official of the Bush-Cheney campaign, said he is no longer a CNP member, asserting that he quit because "I was just busy doing other things.
He also served as the Southwest Regional Political Director for the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004, Director of Grassroots Development for the Republican National Committee, press secretary for the RNC and press secretary for Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
The irresponsibility of the Bush-Cheney regime, which drove Paul O'Neill to resign as Secretary of the Treasury because of their reckless disregard for sound fiscal and monetary policy, and the current irresponsibility of the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a government organization but rather a front for Wall Street, both suggest that the public should immediately demand either the impeachment of Cheney first, and then Bush, or a measured plan for forcing Cheney to resign, and then Bush, to install a more balanced interim Executive team.
Cheney left the group in 2004, and the RUC has hardly been heard from since, as the Bush-Cheney reelection machine utilized opposition to gay equality as a campaign tool in winning another term in the White House.
He served on he legal team for the Bush-Quayle ticket in 988 and the Bush-Cheney ticket in 2000, and he also coughed up $1,000 for Bush-Cheney that year.
Still, Bush-Cheney campaign officials say the vice president's inaccurate statement does not erase the fact that Edwards showed up for only a few votes this year and last.
A Bush-Cheney memo called for volunteers to "Send your Church Directory to your State Bush-Cheney '04 Headquarters or give to a BC04 Field Rep.
The gatherings were billed as an important tool for winning another term for the Bush-Cheney team, and the vice president addressed all the parties simultaneously in a massive conference call lasting about 15 minutes.
Prior to joining Salem, DeFeo served as eCampaign Manager for Bush-Cheney '04, where he developed the online strategy and managed Internet operations for President Bush's re-election campaign.
We can recite abundant examples describing the contempt, callousness, corruption and disregard that the Bush-Cheney administration and their allies in Congress have shown during this dark era, but no testimony is more eloquent or damning than the horrible images brought to our television screens showing thousands of American citizens left without food, water or medical care by their government for days after Katrina struck.