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BÖPBerufsverband Österreichischer Psychologinnen und Psychologen
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The business owner's policy of shutting all interior doors before closing up helped to contain the blaze, Potter said.
Take a business owner's policy, which we have on our automated underwriting platform.
Most small business owners who qualify choose a package policy, generally known as a business owner's policy (BOP), for commercial insurance coverage.
Keep in mind that you may save money on your monthly premiums by using a business owner's policy (BOP) which charges one premium for several different types of coverage, including property, liability and business interruption insurance.
Agents may also be able to inquire on policy billing and claims status for commercial auto, dwelling fire, business owner's policy, and workers' compensation.
Discussing protection like The Hartford's Business Owner's Policy with optional Off-Premises Utility Services Coverage, which includes features that are not available from every other carrier, can educate small business owners about additional coverage that could help reopen their business sooner and replace income they lost during the downtime.
Depending on the size of the company, EPLI can be offered as an endorsement to a business owner's policy (BOP), or as a specific stand-alone policy.
A home work policy is one that combines your home owner's policy with a business owner's policy (BOP).
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