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BAUSBusiness-as-Usual Scenario (climate change prediction model)
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BAUSBasal Abnormality of Uncertain Significance
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According to a report produced by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), under a business-as-usual scenario, a 6 degree Celsius temperature increase is projected over the Asian landmass by the end of the century.
The LandCast algorithm is designed to represent one of many potential population futures; its implementation can be based on a business-as-usual scenario, or it can be tailored to user-defined scenarios that factor in specific events, policies or conditions affecting the geographic constraints of population growth, thus limiting modeled scenarios only to the user's innovation.
Felix Matthes, researcher coordinator at the German Oeko-Institut, showed that all national scenarios agree on the feasibility of the targets, and estimate their additional costs to be lower than 20% of those of the business-as-usual scenario.
A business-as-usual scenario for the UK economy, in which the country continues to rely on financial and business services, would stall job creation in regions that had already suffered heavily in the recession, Nesta said.
The business-as-usual scenario, in which no attempt is made to rebalance the economy away from financial and business services, foresees little employment growth until 2013.
It shows that for the first 30 years of the model, the world has been tracking along the unsustainable trajectory of the book's business-as-usual scenario.
By 2050, under the business-as-usual scenario, the increase in water use would mimic population growth, adding up to approximately 68 million cubic metres ([Mm.
In a business-as-usual scenario, emissions would have increased to 80 million tons per year; instead, Rogers plans to keep them to 70 million in the 2010-2012 period--a net reduction of 30 million tons.
One EPA career official who helped prepare the EEI presentation says the agency basically "created the business-as-usual scenario [of what would happen under the Clean Air Act] out of whole cloth.
Under a business-as-usual scenario in which energy efficiency is developed according to current trends, total greenhouse gas emissions were projected to increase to 811 megatons by 2025 -- a 44 percent increase from 1997 emission levels.
Scenario I: Business-As-Usual Scenario II: Economic Austerity Scenario III: Technological Breakthroughs
Under a business-as-usual scenario, water use is projected to grow to about 2500 [Mm.
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